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What Is Joe Simpson’s Net Worth?

Joe Simpson is an American photographer, producer, and former Baptist minister, psychologist, and talent manager who has a net worth of $10 million. Joe Simpson has earned his net worth as the father/manager of recording artists and reality television personalities Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson.

Joe created the 2005 E! reality series “Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive,” and he has produced numerous projects, including the films “Employee of the Month” (2006), “Blonde Ambition” (2007), and “Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous” (2008) and the television series “Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica” (2003), “The Ashlee Simpson Show” (2004), “Women’s Murder Club” (2007–2008), “Jessica Simpson: The Price of Beauty” (2010), and “Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules” (2022). In 2016, Joe decided to pursue a career in fashion photography and mixed media fine art, and he showcases his work at

Early Life

Joe Simpson was born Joe Truett Simpson on February 18th, 1958, in San Antonio, Texas. Joe is the son of Joyce Alice Adams and Curtis T. Simpson, and he has an older sister named Sally. Curtis died in 1985, and Joyce passed away in 2001. Joyce was a distant relative of former vice president Al Gore.


Simpson began his career as a psychologist and Baptist minister, and the family moved frequently, though they mostly stayed in Texas. In 1999, the family moved to Los Angeles to support Jessica’s career, and Joe became her manager. After Ashlee decided to pursue a music career, Simpson became her manager as well. A 2009 “Vanity Fair” article described Joe as “the spiky-haired Texan who seems responsible, in one way or another, for everything Jessica has done. Her records, movies, marriage, boyfriend—his signature is on all of them. He is a fascinating man, a minister who quit the church for showbiz, or, to be precise, quit one kind of showbiz for another.”

Joe Simpson


Both Jessica and Ashlee have starred on reality television shows, and Joe has appeared on “Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica,” “The Ashlee Simpson Show,” and “Ashlee+Evan.” He also created the 2005 reality series “Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive,” which featured children of celebrities working on a cattle ranch. In 2016, Joe’s first photography exhibit, “Dream Works,” opened in Los Angeles. He told “People” magazine, “There is something about taking pictures that makes me happy, and it has always been a hobby for me.” He has photographed covers of magazines such as “C’est Prune” and “Candid,” and he has worked as a staff photographer for LA Models. The Simpson-produced film “Call Jane,” which stars Elizabeth Banks and Sigourney Weaver, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2022 and received a Best Film nomination at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Ashlee Simpson and Joe Simpson (Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

Personal Life

Joe married Tina Ann Drew on August 19, 1978, and they welcomed daughter Jessica on July 10, 1980, followed by Ashlee on October 3, 1984. When Tina Simpson filed for divorce, rumors swirled that Joe had come out as gay to his family and that he was in a relationship with a 21-year-old model, but a rep for the family stated, “It’s an amicable split and there is no third party involved. Any other related allegations are completely false.” The divorce was finalized in April 2013. In August 2012, Simpson was arrested on suspicion of DUI in Sherman Oaks, California. He spent the night in jail and was released the next morning without having to post bail. He later pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge and was ordered to serve three years of probation.

In 2016, Joe was diagnosed with prostate cancer. In a September 2017 episode of “ASHLEE+EVAN,” he stated, “A year ago changed my life. I remember saying to the doctor, ‘What if I don’t have surgery?’ And he said, ‘In six months, you’ll be dead.’ You know, I really wrestled with just saying, ‘I’ll see you guys later.'” Simpson underwent surgery in September 2016 and began radiation treatment in February 2017. Three months later, he was told that his cancer was in remission. Joe is the grandfather of Maxwell Drew, Ace Knute, and Birdie Mae Johnson (Jessica’s children with Eric Johnson) and Bronx Mowgli Wentz, Jagger Snow Ross, and Ziggy Blu Ross (Ashlee’s children with Pete Wentz and Evan Ross, respectively).

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