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Julián Caicedo Actor Wikipedia: Julian is a Colombian actor best known for his part in the film The Snitch Cartel as Double Rueda.

Julian has been in the news recently due to his upcoming comedy-drama series, Juanpis González. The series’ plot centres around the country’s most privileged guy and his discoveries after overcoming challenges put by his grandpa in order to acquire the family fortune.

Las películas favoritas de Julián Caicedo para la cuarentena - 15 Minutos

Despite the fact that Julian has been performing for almost a decade, he has relatively little social media exposure. Let’s take a closer look at the actor’s appearance.

Julian Caicedo Age And Wikipedia Explored

Julian Caicedo appears to be in his forties or fifties. However, the actor’s birthday is July 9th, and he has yet to declare his birthdate.

Julian’s IMDB profile is online, however the actor’s Wikipedia page has yet to be established.

During his career, the actor has been credited for over a dozen films, including Nias Mal, The Snitch Cartel, and Verdad Oculta.

Caicedo has been blessed with caring parents who have supported and loved him since he was a toddler.

Julian hasn’t revealed his parents’ names, but he has frequently shared images of them on Instagram. Last October, the actor tweeted a sweet snapshot of himself as a child with his parents in honor of his late father’s birthday.

His other fundamental personal facts, such as education and relationship status, are hidden behind the curtains, in addition to his profession and parents’ photos.

Julian Caicedo Net Worth Revealed

Julian’s net worth is reported to be between $500,000 and $1 million dollars, albeit the specific date has not been released.

Julian’s principal source of income is from acting. Aside from acting, the actor has used his social media to promote a variety of businesses.

There has been a report that he will be paid well in the series Juanpis González, which is his most recent effort. After more than a decade in the business, the actor finally gets what he deserves.

Julian’s assets will more than double in the near future, as the actor is still working in the industry and is dedicated to his craft.

Whatever the income is, the actor is satisfied with his earnings and lives a happy life through it.

Meet Julian Caicedo On Instagram

Julian Caicedo has a verified Instagram account, @juliancaicedoillgato, where he has 83k followers and 2579 posts. His display photo is of the actor himself, and his bio describes him as a football actor.

Julian is active on Instagram and communicates with his followers on a regular basis. The actor has just posted recollections of New York City, which he shared less than an hour ago.

Julian has been engaging with his cast colleague and his early age fellow, as shown on Instagram.

Julian feels grateful for every good thing that has happened to him and enjoys his existence inside the bubble.

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