Get To Know Physical 100 Kim Kyung-jin Age, Wife, Height
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Kim Kyung-Jin who starred in Physical 100, fans were disappointed when he lost in episode 2. When they learned that he has kids and partner it disappointed them even more. So who is his wife? How old is he? What about his height?

Tag along and learn all about him below.

Kim Kyung-jin On Netflix’s Physical 100

Kim Kyung-Jin who was one of the 100 contestants of Physical 100 joined the competition show believing that he has what it takes to win the show. Kyung-Jin’s journey wasn’t very long in the show as he was eliminated in the second episode. He introduced himself as a cute fit farmer who turned to farm five years before.

He added that his physique is what keeps his self-esteem up. In the one-on-one deathmatch, Cha Hyun-seung, a star of Singles Inferno, met Kim Kung Jin. Although it was a close fight, Cha Hyun-seung ultimately prevailed.

He claimed he picked Hyun-seung as his opponent because of his tiny stature. Because of this, he believed he could defeat the seasoned Singles Inferno player, but sadly, Kim’s strategy failed. He was disappointed that he lost to a guy half his size. Talking about his return he added, “I’ll go back to harvesting sweet potatoes, and pumpkins, and planting cabbages.”

Unfortunately, Kim’s time on Physical 100 and his prospects of winning the $300,000,000 as finished as a result of the defeat. The other onlookers couldn’t help but remark on how attractive the duo both were despite the fact that they were “fighting to the death,” and it appears that viewers couldn’t help but do the same.

However, he definitely made an impression and made a handful of fans who were looking to learn more about him.

Physical 100 is Netflix’s first Korean survival show. On January 24, the first two episodes on the streaming service were released, and a lot of viewers tuned in to see what it was all about. If the top 10 TV shows on Netflix are any indication, Physical: 100 is doing very well for itself. It is currently at No. 7 and doesn’t appear to be dropping off any time soon as of Jan. 26.

Jang Ho-gi is the creator of the reality competition program Physical: 100. There are nine episodes altogether, and each Tuesday, two new episodes are released on Netflix. The program follows 100 competitors with varying ages, genders, and physical characteristics. They engage in intense competition with one another to demonstrate their physical prowess and for the chance to claim the title of “most perfect physique.”

Of course, the winner will also receive a 300,000,000 (WON) cash prize. The cast includes members of the national team, weight lifters, actresses, bodybuilders, ice climbers, influencers, TV personalities, MMA fighters, and others from a variety of professions. In fact, you might be able to identify a few of the competitors.

Kim Kyung-jin Wife

Kim Kyung-jin’s partner or wife is named Mija (@dogmija). He is yet to introduce his wife on his socials as she doesn’t appear on his his IG. Even Mija’s own IG is currently private which contains 535 posts and 326 followers. But, comments from several years ago states that they are life partners.

However, he has posted pictures of his two children: an older son and a younger daughter named Robin. Their son is currently 6 years old whereas their daughter is 2.

After seeing him on Physical 100, fans took to the star’s Instagram, but were heartbroken to learn he had a family. One follower commented: “Daddy? He is married? God why?” Another joked: “He has a child y’all. Retreat I said retreat.”

How Old Is Kim Kyung-jin?

In 2022, Kim Kyung-jin should be above 30 years old.

Kim Kyung-jin Job

Kim Kyung-jin is a farmer and has been working that job since for five years. Before that, he was a fitness enthusiast and instructor. He started off as a trainer and taught PE at a university. Now, he grows produce that’s good for people’s health. He won the Muscle mania Korea 2010′ and is a WBFF Pro. He likely hasn’t competed since 2014.

Furthermore, he also worked as a lecturer in the Department of Model at the Korea International Art Institute in the sports management department for fitness dream trees. And, he also worked as a lecturer at Kyungwoon University Department of Physical Education.

Furthermore, he also worked with DyourBody. DyourBody is a Fitness Application and it provides you How to get a healthy LIFE.

Now as a farmer he mostly grows pumpkins, sweet potatoes, corns, various vegetables, and other crops. His business Body Farmer,  has also collaborated with other business to promote his product. In May 2022, Body Farmer, Hyde Farm, Melkang Seed, and Chef Choi Hyun-ho joined forces to create a cooking broadcast.

He has also been featured on YouTube.

Kim Kyung-jin Height

Kim Kyung-jin’s height measures above 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Kim Kyung-jin From?

Kim Kyung-jin is currently farming in Haenam.

  • When Is Kim Kyung-jin Birthday?

Kim Kyung-jin’s birthday is unclear yet.

  • Is Kim Kyung-jin On Instagram?

Yes, Kim Kyung-jin has two Instagram (@momjjangnongbu and @momjjangnongbu_farm).

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