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Linda Frickey New Orleans La Woman Carjacking Death – Linda Frickey’s horrible death during a carjacking has infuriated her family and surprised others.

Linda Frickey grew up in the Bridge City neighborhood as the middle child of six siblings, one male and five girls, according to a relative. Her family and friends are heartbroken over her death.

Linda Frickey New Orleans La Woman Carjacking Death, 4 Teens Were Arrested

In connection with the homicide, four juveniles were arrested. The involvement of teenagers in such a crime is a severe concern. May the nation take notice to this and enact stringent legislation to prevent such incidents.

Who Is Linda Frickey? – New Orleans La Woman Carjacking Death

Linda Frickey was 73 years old charming lady. As per her relative, she was the person who seemed to be connected with many people whether she used to go.

Wherever she used to go, somebody would greet her and know her for sure. This shows her to be a very social person who is likable and friendly. Who would think that such a nice person would end up tragically.

Her sister, Jinny Griffin thinks if the teens would have given her time, she would have walked away. But she was tangled in her seat belt. As per the police Superintendent, they dragged her alongside the vehicle for about a block before she fell on the ground which led to her spot death.

Highlights On Linda Frickey Murder – What Happened?

Linda Frickey was murdered by four teens as they wanted to carjack. Her family member said, her life was taken on Monday, afternoon during a horrific Mid-City carjacking.

As per them, the teens would have just asked her, she would have not fought for her car. But killing had broken them, they are devasted with the loss and mourning the loss at the moment.

Instead, the teens decided to kill her. It is said that the teens didn’t think of the consequences their crimes could bring. They have spoiled their own lives which, could be spent in a better way.

Linda Frickey Killers Teens Arrested – Their Charges

Four teens were arrested in connection with Linda Frickey’s killing. They are 17 years old boy, a 16 years old girl, and two 15 years, old girls. Parents of the boy and one of the 15 years old girls contacted police to identify their children.

The residence was not disclosed where the boy and 16 years old girl were taken into custody. The parents of 15 years old girl who contacted the police surrendered to authorities.

The other 15-year-old girl was arrested on Tuesday morning as per Ferguson. All four teens will be booked with the second-degree murder of Linda. Linda’s relative said their charges may be an eye-opener for the lawmaker.

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