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Lisa Simpson voice actor Yeardley Smith believes there will be a second ‘Simpsons’ movie.

Lisa Simpson voice actor sees the second 'Simpsons' movie being a festive film

Lisa Simpson voice actor sees the second ‘Simpsons’ movie being a festive film

The 57-year-old actress – who has voiced the main character on the long-running animated sitcom since 1989 – has revealed she would like the sequel to 2007’s ‘The Simpsons Movie’ to be a festive film.

Speaking with The Movie Dweeb, she said: “I do really believe that there will be a number two, and my pitch is that it should be a Christmas movie, so that it has annual relevance for the rest of time.”

Her idea just so happens to align with producer Al Jean’s concept for the final episode of the show.

He recently said: “I mentioned that there would be an ending where the last episode, they’d be going back to the Christmas pageant from the first episode, so that the whole series was a continuous loop.

“That’s how I would end it, if I had to.”

‘The Simpsons Movie’ saw Homer Simpson pollute Springfield’s water supply and become encased in a gigantic dome by the EPA and the Simpsons are declared fugitives.

The film proved a huge success, pulling in over $500 million at the box office (£390 million).

Yeardley insisted the show is going nowhere anytime soon.

She said: “We had a pickup for 33 and 34, but I feel like we would be given a pretty big heads-up for the last season because, at the very least, Disney who bought Fox, all but Fox News and Fox Sports, part of the reason they bought it was for The Simpsons.

“Also, if it was the last season, I think they would want to capitalise on that and make bazillions on advertising.”

The French star said there will always be an “appetite” for ‘The Simpsons’.

Yeardley added that: “Considering how much content streaming services need … If somebody is literally going to binge your whole series in a weekend, you’re f*****! How do you keep that voracious appetite fed? It’s a huge thing.”

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