Mashal Khan
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Is Mashal Khan dead? Recently in an interview, Khan talked about seeing death too closely, raising questions about her.

Mashal Khan is a talented Pakistani television personality who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

She rose to fame after playing the role of “Kinza” in a popular television serial which proved to be the breakthrough for her career.

This role helped establish her as a famous and talented actress and endeared her to audiences across Pakistan.

In 2019, Mashal reprised her role as Kinza in the highly-anticipated sequel to the original serial, “Suno Chanda 2,” which further cemented her position as one of Pakistan’s most promising young actresses and solidified her status as a fan favorite.

Nevertheless, the recent news about her well-being has concerned everyone, as Khan was rumored to be dead. What happened to her? Keep reading to learn more about Mashal Khan.

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Is Mashal Khan Dead Or Alive? 

Mashal Khan is alive and in good health. The news about her death circulated in social media when the TV personality talked about her past trauma.

Her breakout role in the hit serial “Suno Chanda” established her as a household name in Pakistan and internationally, eventually making her immensely popular in the entertainment industry.

Her ability to captivate audiences with her acting talent has earned her recognition and praise, leading to her being cast in several popular dramas such as “Khuwab Nagar ki Shehzadi” and “Saya,” which were well-received by audiences.

While the news of Mashal Khan is circulating on social media, the actress is alive and in good health
While the news of Mashal Khan is circulating on social media, the actress is alive and in good health (Source:

Recently, her latest drama, “Pyari Mona,” is receiving critical acclaim, further solidifying her status as a talented and sought-after actress.

With her talent and versatility, it is safe to say that Mashal Khan has a bright future ahead of her in the Pakistani entertainment industry and beyond.

Recently, Mashal Khan made a noteworthy appearance on a night show with Ayaz Samoo, discussing her personal experiences and perspectives.

Khan talked about seeing death too closely at the show, which worried the whole social media about her condition.

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Death Hoax Debunked: What Happened To Mashal Khan

While Mashal Khan was in the vicinity of severe trauma in the past, she is now hale and wholesome. So, what happened to her?

The Pakistani TV actress struggled with anorexia and bulimia, an eating disorder where a person self-starves himself/herself.

Suffering from body dysmorphia, Khan was very unwell and stopped eating for eight months, leading to a severe drop in blood pressure. 

Khan’s blood pressure was reported to be 30/50 as she fainted and went into a coma. It was a miracle that she returned from the coma despite experiencing such a situation.

Previously, Mashal Khan struggled with anorexia and bulimia
Previously, Mashal Khan struggled with anorexia and bulimia (Source:

The actress shed some light on eating disorders, where people go into the vicious cycle of fear of eating as they fear gaining weight.

She warns others against practicing similar dangerous habits, such as consuming only water, as it can lead to serious health consequences and even death.

According to Khan, it is essential to note that eating disorders are serious mental illnesses that require professional help and treatment.

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