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Fresh off his Super Bowl championship, LA Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford just treated himself to a new mansion out in Hidden Hills. Actually two mansions. And not just any random mansions. Matthew is the proud new owner of 2/3rds of what previously comprised Drake’s world-famous 6.7-acre “Yolo Estate.”

The Yolo Estate has been Drake’s primary residence in California for the last decade. The history of the Yolo Estate is really incredible. If you want the full backstory, please read our previous coverage from when the property first hit the market: exactly one month ago for $22 million.

Here’s a quick recap –

Back in the early 2010s when Drake was just coming up, he googled “craziest residential swimming pools”. According to legend, he turned one of the image results into his computer background image to serve as daily motivation.

In a perfect example turning your dreams into reality, two years later Drake bought that mansion for $7.7 million.

With two additional purchases, one in 2015 and another in 2018, Drake acquired the two neighboring ranch houses to expand the estate to a 6.7 acres.

A month ago when Drake listed the Yolo Estate, the asking price for the full shebang was $22 million. In other words, for $22 million you could have bought the two ranch houses AND the original property which features the insane pool.

Matthew Stafford just bought the two ranches for $11 million. That amount is a full $3.6 million over their combined separate asking price.

The primary estate is still available for purchase for $14.8 million. Again, this is where you would find Drake’s dream pool. A pool that happens to be one of the largest residential swimming pools in Southern California, featuring a swim-up, underground grotto and an 80-foot waterside.

Below is an aerial image of the full Yolo Estate. Matthew bought everything to the left of the red line that I added. Everything to the right of the red line is the primary Yolo Estate property:

And below is a full video tour of the Yolo Estate. You get a good sense of the sprawling pool and entertainment area from 1:05 to 1:40. You see the grotto in detail from 2:50 through the end:

[embedded content]

Matthew Stafford and his family are no strangers to Hidden Hills.

Just one week after being traded to the Rams in early 2021, the Staffords plunked down $19.6 million for a still-under-construction spec home that is located less than a mile down the block within the same gated community. It’s 18 houses down the street. FYI, Kylie Jenner lives directly across the street from the spec home.

If I were a betting man, I would wager that Matthew plans to use his two new properties as grandparent units. They’re just close enough without having your parents or in-laws living in an ADU in the back yard.

As for Drake, at the time he listed the Yolo Estate for sale last month, he was finalizing a $70 million purchase of a 20-acre property in Beverly Hills. The seller of this home was British singer Robbie Williams. Robbie has since moved to a $50 million Beverly Hills mansion.

Source: This post first appeared on https://www.celebritynetworth.com

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