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Moonshiners: Did Mark And Digger Go Legal Now? Keep reading until you reach the end for some vital details about them.

Mark Ramsey and Digger Manes, who star in the show ‘Moonshiners,’ are two well-known unscripted television characters.

Moonshiners: Did Mark And Digger Go Legal Now? Arrested Time and Again

They are the dynamic duos behind the production of Moonshine, a high-proof distilled liquor that is prohibited.

Manes and Mark Ramsey are good friends and business partners for making Moonshine, an illicit high-proof distilled liquor.

The pair may be seen on the Discovery Channel’s TV show Moonshiners.

Many people have remarked on how strange it is that Digger and Mark are appearing in a show where they break the law.

People have been wondering how they weren’t purposefully condemning themselves by airing their illegal acts when the show first aired in 2011.

Everyone is baffled as to why the local authorities are allowing them to run the show if they are committing illegal acts.

Following that, the Virginia State Police responded simply, claiming that no illegal alcohol is created in the event.

The scenario was devised by the show’s creators in order to stimulate the audience’s attention.

There have also been allegations against the distilling couple, who were arrested and are currently incarcerated. 

Mark And Digger Wikipedia Explored

Mark and Digger are not listed on the Wikipedia official page. However, their name appears on the Moonshiners cast list on Wikipedia.

Mark Ramsey and Digger Manes star in the popular Discovery Channel show ‘Moonshiners.’ Mark and Digger make moonshine in various locations and mountains across America in the show.

Mark first appeared on television on this show in 2012, and Digger joined in 2014.

The Moonshiner pair is the co-founder of the Gatlinburg, Tennessee-based brewing company ‘Sugarlands Distillery.’

Mark has extensive expertise distilling moonshine with local specialists, having grown up in East Tennessee.

Digger, on the other hand, has spent his entire life distilling. Under the tutelage of world-class moonshiner Popcorn Sutton, both craftsmen mastered distillation and moonshine production.

Mark And Digger Age Revealed

Mark Ramsey and Digger Manes have kept their birthdates hidden from the public eye. However, based on their photo, they appear to be between the ages of 45-50years old.

Since they haven’t revealed their date of birth to the public, this is only a guess at their age. Their ethnicity and nationality have not been revealed.

Mark And Digger Family Details

Mark and Digger both have kept their family details hidden from the media. They both appear to be very private about their personal life and have kept them away from the media.

As a result, the identity and occupations of their parents are unknown. There is no information on their family that reveals whether or whether they have siblings.

Mark Ans Digger Net Worth: Are They Rich?

As of 2022, Digger and Mark each have a net worth of $300,000. Both Mark and Digger learned and mastered the skill of moonshining.

They both began their careers as moonshiners under Popcorn Sutton and have spent most of their lives doing so.

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