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Emma Bunton considers her children to be her “biggest success”.

Emma Bunton thinks her kids are her biggest achievement

Emma Bunton thinks her kids are her biggest achievement

The 45-year-old star shot to fame in the Spice Girls in the mid-90s and in spite of her incredible success with the girl group, Emma thinks her children are her biggest achievement in life.

The blonde beauty – who has Tate, ten, and Beau, 14, with her husband Jade Jones – said: “My children [are my biggest success], 100 percent my children.

“Becoming a mother, everything fell into place. I felt the most content I’ve ever felt. I just love them with my whole being. That is my greatest achievement.”

Emma and Jade tied the knot in 2021, and the chart-topping pop star has claimed that they both benefited from spending some time apart, after the “very intense” initial phase of their romance.

Speaking on the ‘By The Light of the Moon’ podcast, Emma shared: “It gave us time to grow as people and when we came back together it was amazing.”

The pop star and Jade knew they were “soulmates” and were destined to spend their lives together. But looking back on their separation, Emma believes it’s helped them to form a solid, long-lasting relationship.

She said: “He felt exactly the same. We had very magical moments very early on and we were both taken back about that.

“We would talk about children, it was very intense very quickly. Both of us knew we wanted to be together. We’re soul mates.

“[But] it hit us that we were so young and both of us haven’t done everything, we did have a break.

“I think it was more, ‘Oh my god, we’ve met the person we’re going to spend the rest of our life with and we’re 19 and 21’, it was such a bizarre time.”

Post source: Female First

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