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Is the American Dream unettainable? Judging by the life and success of Nayyer Haq, it’s not, but not everyone has the same luck as this charming political activist and talk show host. Being curious by nature, Nayyera is active in many fields, and equally successful in each one of them.

Who Is Nayyera Haq?

At the beginning of the 1980s, two Pakistani immigrants moved to Staten Island, New York, USA, where Nayyera Haq was born on 1 October 1981. Her parents worked in the public service – father as a public-school teacher, while her mom was a scientist specializing in physics. Unlike many families who moved to the US, Nayyera’s family quickly got used to it, and fitted into the American way of life. By having good jobs, her parents could afford a good education and a happy childhood for little Nayyera. Like her parents, this talk show host belongs to the Muslim religion, although she has American citizenship.

Nayyera Haq matriculated from Stuyvesant High School, and enrolled at the University of Michigan, where she studied history. Being very ambitious, Nayyera went on to receive a Master’s degree in Law and Journalism from Georgetown University Law Center in 2008.

Nayyera Haq

Nayyera Haq’s Family

Nayyera currently lives in Maryland, where she leads a very active life. This 38-year-old, 5ft 4ins (1.62m) tall lady has many hobbies, and tries to use her spare time in exciting ways. Apart from being dedicated to her family, Nayyera Haq likes to dive, travel (Los Angeles is her favorite destination), hike, cook and so on.

This lady likes to keep her family life private. Nayyera Haq is married to a guy who’s not a public figure but a veterinarian. Their anniversary is on 29 April, but the year of their wedding is unknown. The two of them have a two-year-old son Idris, born on 12 November 2016.

Revolted by the then political situation and statements of the current leader, Nayyera felt the need to translate her feelings into the words. After she gave birth to her baby boy, she published an article that attracted a lot of attention.

Nayyera’s Career Beginning

During her education, Nayyera Haq showed an interest in politics and foreign affairs. While studying law, she developed her skills in law and communication, and to use these in the best possible way.

In 2002, when she was only 21 years old, Nayyera Haq started her career as a Media Advisor. Her first employer was Nancy Pelosi, now Democratic leader in the House of Representatives, and was then employed as the Director of Communications for Congressman John Salazar in 2004. Working as a spokeswoman for him, she had several problems in publicizing her opinions on the position of Muslims in the United States.

Nayyera Haq in White House

As a prominent humanist, Nayyera Haq became the National Spokesperson for the Children’s Defense Fund in 2006. At the same time, she worked in several Government posts in the White House, before shifting to the position of Senior Director of Cabinet Affairs during Barack Obama’s mandate.

Nayyera Haq also worked as Senior Advisor in the US State Department while Secretaries of State were Hilary Clinton and John Kerry. She was in charge of critical issues regarding the crises in Ukraine, Afghanistan, and generally in the Middle East.

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At the same time, Nayyera Haq was the first line of contact with the public for the US Treasury. During and after ‘the great financial crisis’, her task was to explain the principles of economic policy to the people, in order to overcome it as quickly as possible.

Nayyera Haq is a polyglot, and besides English, she’s fluent in Hindi, Spanish and Urdu. She was in charge of communicating with foreign media. Also, due to a good knowledge of both domestic and international affairs, she was often a guest in political broadcasts on CNN, HBO, etc.

Entrepreneurship and Radio Hosting

Considering that she had gained enough experience to enhance her knowledge and expertise in inter-cultural communication, Nayyera Haq founded the Avicenna Strategy agency in 2015, implementing all the skills acquired through many years of active participation in political events. It is an advisory company that helps organizations to overcome the difficulties of international business.

Except in entrepreneurship, Nayyera is also present in the media. By 2018, she often guested in political shows, discussing current topics and events. In 2018, Nayyera Haq started her own talk show on SiriusXM radio station, also related to politics.

Posted by Nayyera Haq on Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Nayyera Haq’s Net Worth

For someone like Nayyera Haq who’s an expert in politics, accurate information about annual salary is not publicly available, but her salary as a radio host can be easily predicted. Besides, she’s the owner and an executive of a very successful company. We can assume that Nayyera Haq, as someone active in various spheres, has annual income above national average, in the range of several hundred thousand dollars per year. Authoritative sources estimate that her net worth is over $3 million.

Source: Affair Post

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