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Nicky Hilton is pregnant.

Nicky Hilton is pregnant

Nicky Hilton is pregnant

The 38-year-old star and her husband James Rothchild have confirmed the news to People.

Nicky – who already has Lily-Grace, five, and Teddy, four, with James – will welcome their third child during the summer of 2022, but the sex of their baby is still unknown.

Nicky and James have been married since 2015, and the socialite previously revealed that she loved spending quality time with her family amid the coronavirus lockdown.

The socialite – who is the younger sister of TV star Paris Hilton – explained that she enjoyed being stuck at home during the global health crisis.

She said: “I strangely liked the not leaving the house for days at a time. There was something so cosy about being locked down with my family. That quality family time was definitely the silver lining of the pandemic.”

Nicky has also previously spoken about the challenges of parenthood, acknowledging that “patience and being the best version of yourself” have been the keys to her parenting style.

Speaking about her experience of motherhood, Nicky explained: “I think all moms suffer from mom guilt. I think we could all do better at that and it’s important to still do the things you love. Don’t let your children completely take over your life. Navigate that balance and find that balance.”

Nicky feels a sense of guilt whenever she goes away on a work trip and leaves her kids at home.

On the other hand, she’s also keen to teach her children the importance of hard work.

She said: “Whenever I do work trips, I’ll feel guilty about leaving the children. But at the same time, I think it’s also setting a good example for your children about working on what you’re passionate about. I want to lead by example.”

Post source: Female First

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