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In today’s episode of IKYFL, a sorority at Southern Connecticut State University was suspended on Tuesday when a group of white students was caught on camera mocking the movements and rituals of a Black sorority.

EBONY magazine reported that over the weekend, university administrators discovered the video of white Omega Zeta Pi members mocking the hand signs and strolls of the Black sorority, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

At least that’s what we all think they were doing. I mean, it’s kind of hard to tell what was going on in this display of moldy mayo-infused struggle rhythm being performed by Beckys with all the flavor of a toothpick sucked dry—but yeah, we’re pretty sure they were supposed to be imitating Black women.

Seriously, look at this s***.

This is the Bring it On: College Years sequel nobody asked for. This is what happens when you engage in academic debates about whether leg-washing is even necessary.

This is racist because Black people love chicken and these white women were clearly doing some kind of chicken dance. I’m pretty sure Elane Benes was their choreographer. It’s at least possible they were mocking Donald Trump.

Anyway, both the university and SCSU President Joe Bertolino posted statements to Twitter confirming and addressing the suspension of Omega Zeta Pi.

“As I stated on Sunday, I have the greatest respect for this sorority’s heritage and traditions,” Bertolino wrote in his statement. “As such, I am deeply concerned about the pain that this incident has caused to their membership and that of other Multicultural Greek Organizations, as well as individuals of color across our campus community.”

Bertolino added that the university will be “implementing cultural education and anti-racism training for all incoming Greek life members and instituting a Multicultural Greek Council.”

These actions also came after the Psi Omicron Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. issued a statement calling out the Omega Zeta Pi members who mocked their traditions. They also noted a previous incident with Omega Zeta Pi members who allegedly shared “disdain for integrating powder puff football teams” with members of other sororities because they didn’t want to “mix.”

For the hueless and clueless who need it explained to them exactly why the Omega Zeta Pi antics were offensive, TikToker Kahlil Greene explained it in a video appropriately captioned,  “obsessed with #blackculture one day and disrespecting it the next.”

“For anyone who doesn’t know, what those white women were mocking is called a stroll, which is a group performance routine created by members of the Divine Nine to represent their respective organization,” Greene said. “They were also mocking signs and calls, which serve a similar purpose.”

Greene also pointed out that Black sororities and fraternities understand that mimicking and/or interrupting another group’s stroll is disrespectful AF.

“If an org started strolling at an event or a party, you immediately clear the way for them,’ he said. “No questions.”

And really, Black people been trying to warn the whites about this.

These folks are going to learn one of these days that we’re really just graciously trying to save them from an a** whoopin’.

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