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Simon Cowell thinks lockdown was a “make or break” moment for his relationship with Lauren Silverman.

Simon Cowell admits lockdown was a make or break moment

Simon Cowell admits lockdown was a make or break moment

The 62-year-old music mogul has son Eric, eight, with Lauren, and he admits that getting engaged “just felt like the right thing to do” after they spent lockdown together.

Speaking about their forthcoming wedding, Simon explained: “I’ve kind of felt myself engaged for a long time, if I’m really being honest with you. Lockdown and COVID was probably make or break for many relationships.

“We were in the same house for over a year and I thought, ‘Well, actually, we get on really, really well’. And for Eric, as he gets older, he will be asked more and more about his parents, and I thought it was the right thing to do for him.”

Simon couldn’t imagine himself dating anyone else at this point in his life.

The TV star has also been inspired to tie the knot by his own parents.

Simon told The Sun newspaper: “I also just couldn’t see myself ever dating anyone again. The idea of going out on a first date now is too weird.

“My mum and dad had an amazing marriage and I used to call them best friends, and I think that’s a big part of it.

“You’ve gotta like each other, not just love each other. We like the same things, we laugh a lot, we always have stuff to say to each other.

“Look, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. So for all those different reasons, it just felt like the right thing to do.”

Simon has taken it upon himself to plan their wedding day, and he admits Lauren doesn’t even know when it’ll happen.

He said: “I am planning it all, otherwise I know what will happen – there will be 600 people and it’ll get out of control, like my 50th birthday party.

“No one knows when it’s going to be – that’ll be a surprise, even for Lauren.

“But I don’t want to have one of these ghastly wedding planners and all the arguments that happen, and who you do invite and who you don’t invite. The whole thing just seems like too much hassle.”

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