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Amid all of the celebratory couture happening at the Met Gala, some disturbing news broke last night concerning women’s rights. A groundbreaking leak suggests that the U.S. Supreme Court is set to overturn the Roe v. Wade abortion-rights decision.

Pro Choice Activists Hold Rally In Washington, D.C.

Source: Anna Moneymaker / Getty

Politico is reporting that it’s obtained a Supreme Court draft majority opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade, the final opinion has not been released, but the outlet is reporting that it received a 98-page document on the matter.

The news is a stunning breach of Supreme Court confidentiality, one that the SCOTUS blog blasted on social media as the “gravest, most unforgivable sin.”

What an abhorrent way to try to deflect. SHUT UP.

Roe V. Wade is of course the case that has guaranteed basic abortion rights in the U.S. since the 1973 ruling.

More Details On The Draft Opinion Obtained By Politico

The draft opinion was written by Justice Samuel Alito Jr and Politico obtained and published the damning document while noting that it is indeed authentic.

In it, Justice Alito daftly writes that Roe v. Wade “was egregiously wrong from the start.”

“We hold that Roe and Casey must be overruled,” Politico says Alito writes in the document, labeled as the “Opinion of the Court.” “It is time to heed the Constitution and return the issue of abortion to the people’s elected representatives.”

The outlet adds that a person familiar with the court’s deliberations said that four of the other Republican-appointed justices – Clarence Thomas [OF COURSE], Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett – had voted with Alito in the conference held among the justices after hearing oral arguments in December.

Allegedly those judges’ decisions remain unchanged as of this week.

This absolutely terrifying news is already garnering outrage and “The Handmaid’s Tale” comparisons.

This shocking story is still developing, read more HERE.

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