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There are still 10 people left in Survivor Season 42, but many fans already know who may win the game, thanks to spoilers. And there is one spoiler that seems to stand out among the rest regarding the Sole Survivor. But some are hesitant to believe this castaway wins after seeing their performance in the first half of the game.

The 'Survivor' Season 42 cast gathers on a platform in the ocean while listening to Jeff Probst explain a challenge.

The 'Survivor' Season 42 cast gathers on a platform in the ocean while listening to Jeff Probst explain a challenge.

Jeff Probst, Lindsay Dolashewich, Maryanne Oketch, Romeo Escobar, Tori Meehan, Rocksroy Bailey, Drea Wheeler, Hai Giang, Mike Turner, Omar Zaheer, and Jonathan Young | Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

‘Survivor’ Season 42 spoilers indicate 1 castaway is the winner

One Reddit thread detailed the placement of every castaway in Survivor Season 42. And the spoilers claim that Maryanne Oketch is the Sole Survivor.

Fans are usually hesitant to believe entire bootlists. But this one has been correct from the beginning when producers medically evacuated Jackson Fox to the most recent episode when the merged tribe voted out Chanelle Howell.

Maryanne started with the strong Taku tribe. And she quickly cemented her place as one of the bubbliest personalities Survivor has ever seen. According to the Survivor Season 42 spoilers, she outwits, outplays, and outlasts the entire cast. But some fans aren’t convinced that Maryanne wins.

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Why some ‘Survivor’ Season 42 fans find these spoilers hard to believe

Of course, a lot of people are wary of spoilers regarding Survivor. Most of the time, random trolls on the internet make up the spoilers. But given the level of authenticity of the bootlist mentioned above, it’s easy to believe that it will remain correct. However, a few fans find it hard to believe that Maryanne wins it all.

One Reddit user posted, “How exactly does Maryanne win? I know the bootlist spoilers say that she wins against Mike and Romeo, but if this is true. I can’t for the life of me understand how and why. Some people and some rumors say that Hai pushes for Maryanne because he wanted a woman to win or something like that.”

“But Hai to me and from what we’ve seen of him, seems to be more of a player and I think would try to push for the best player of the season, which as of right now, is not Maryanne,” they continued. “Maryanne is more of a character to me than a strategist and has already been painted in a negative light considering everyone on Taku is annoyed with her at this point.”

Another fan added, “Maryanne is also being clowned in the edit, and I think that if she was the winner, they would tone down her more annoying attributes to make her more likable and rootable.”

After watching the first half of the game, some fans don’t see how Maryanne could win Survivor Season 42 if the spoilers are correct.

How Maryanne could win

Even though there are a handful of people confused by the Survivor Season 42 spoilers, many fans are excited to see Maryanne possibly win. And they understand how she could find her way into the final three.

A Reddit user wrote, “You have tough time understanding how Maryanne can potentially play a better game than Mike and Romeo with more than 50% of the game left where anything can happen? That too when she has two different advantages in hand to potentially make moves?”

Another fan said, “I think we’re going to see a more duplicitous, calculating side of Maryanne once the merge hits.”

“She is clearly one of the smartest people left,” one person explained. “I don’t have any trouble seeing her go on a strategic tear, but I am a little wary that she’s too obvious a jury threat. Would love if she wins.”

Unfortunately, the only way to know if Maryanne wins is to watch the rest of the season.

Survivor Season 42 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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