Tyre Sampson Parents: Meet Nekia Dodd And Yarnell Sampson
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Who are Tyre Sampson Parents? The death of 14-year-old Tyre Sampson at an amusement park in Florida last year was a tragedy that shook his family and community to the core. Tyre’s parents, Nekia Dodd and Yarnell Sampson, have since become known as the grief-stricken parents who lost their beloved son in a terrible accident.

Tyre Sampson died on March 24 after falling from the Orlando FreeFall drop tower, which its owners claim to be the tallest freestanding drop tower in the world.

Nekia Dodd watched as workers disassembled the amusement park ride where her son, then 14, tragically perished after taking a terrible fall.

She hoped that no other families would have to go through the same suffering that she had over the previous 12 months.

The teenager fell from his seat as the ride descended nearly 400 feet, as shown in a bystander’s video.

People are remembering the teenager and sending their sincere condolences to his parents as the heartbreaking incident marks one year since it occurred.

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Tyre Sampson Parents: who are Nekia Dodd and Yarnell Sampson?

Nekia and Yarnell are Tyre’s parents, who shared the unimaginable horror they experienced when they received the news of their son’s death at an amusement park in Florida. They have since been fighting for justice for their son, believing that multiple businesses should have done more to ensure his safety.

What Happened to Tyre Sampson?

Tyre died in March last year after falling from Orlando’s world’s tallest free-standing drop tower. The Orlando FreeFall ride elevated passengers in individual seats to 400 feet and then tilted forward 30 degrees before being released in a free fall that reached 4G’s. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services regulates amusement rides in the state, and during their investigation, it was found that the ride braked approximately 100 feet above the ground.

Tyre’s family’s lawsuit alleged that no weight limits or scales were posted at the ride site. The autopsy report revealed that the ride’s owner’s manual listed the weight limit at 287 pounds, but Tyre was over 6 feet tall and weighed 383 pounds. The family believes that the park and the ride operators should have taken extra precautions given Tyre’s size.

Details on Tyre Sampson’s Funeral

The funeral of Tyre Sampson was held on Saturday, April 9, 2022, at St. Louis University. Tyre was a high school football player and honor roll student from St. Louis, and friends, family, and former teammates came together to pay their respects. Hundreds of people attended the ceremony to bid farewell to the teenager.

Tyre Sampson: Video of the Incident

A video of the incident that shows Tyre Sampson falling from the ride has gone viral and has been viewed millions of times on Twitter and Reddit. The video, captured by a bystander, shows Tyre slipping from his seat when the ride descended almost 400 feet.

Tyre Sampson’s Father Responds to Autopsy Report

In June of last year, Tyre Sampson’s father responded to the autopsy report of his son’s death at the Orlando FreeFall ride. He expressed his disappointment with the findings, stating that his son “deserved to be respected more than what they’re giving him.” The autopsy revealed that Tyre suffered multiple fractures and internal injuries from the fall, and his cause of death was ruled an accident due to blunt force trauma. The report also indicated that Tyre’s weight was 383 pounds (173 kilograms), which exceeded the ride’s weight limit of 287 pounds (130 kilograms).

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Summary Note…

The tragedy of Tyre Sampson’s death has left his family and community in mourning. His parents, Nekia Dodd and Yarnell Sampson, have been fighting for justice for their son, believing that multiple businesses should have done more to ensure his safety. Tyre’s funeral was a somber affair, attended by hundreds of people who came to pay their respects to the teenager. The video of the incident that caused Tyre’s death has gone viral, and his father has expressed disappointment with the findings of the autopsy report. The story of Tyre Sampson is a sobering reminder of the importance of safety measures in amusement parks and the tragic consequences that can occur when these measures are not taken seriously.

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