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Tyre Sampson’s Family Files Lawsuit Against Florida Park Where He Fell To His Death


Source: Orlando Sentinel / Getty

Tyre Sampson‘s family is still grieving his sudden and tragic death and today it was announced that they are seeking legal accountability for his untimely demise. TMZ is reporting that the boy’s parents, Nekia Dodd and Yarnell Sampson, have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against ICON Park in Orlando, Florida. That lawsuit also includes all of the park’s business associates, creators of the ride, and the operators themselves. Ubiquitous attorney Ben Crump will be representing them in their pursuit of justice.


Source: Orlando Sentinel / Getty

The legal docs state that the operators should have been more attentive to Tyre’s size when he attempted to get onto the free-fall ride. There are some very obvious height and weight requirements that Tyre obviously did not meet and the employees did nothing to address the situation. Moreover, there was no signage up to make people aware of those requirements. Another violation that the suit charges is that, unlike most free-fall rides, this one had no seatbelts.


Source: Orlando Sentinel / Getty

This seems like an open and shut case. Say what you will about him, but Ben Crump has gotten a lot of families paid when cities, police, and business entities f**k up. If this doesn’t qualify as a f**k up, then we don’t know what is.

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