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Valery Kuleshov Blogger Ukraine: Valery Kuleshov does not have a Wikipedia page, but Rip’s messages indicate that he is no longer alive.

There have been countless deaths since Russia’s full-scale war on Ukraine began. Some incidents are reported, while others go unnoticed.

Valery Kuleshov Blogger Ukraine

There had previously been reports of Russian generals being shot and killed in the conflict. Valery Kuleshov, a blogger and activist, was allegedly shot and killed recently.

Valery Kuleshov

Valery Kuleshov Blogger Ukraine: RIP Messages on the Internet—Does He Have Wikipedia?

Valery Kuleshov is being discussed on social media, but no information about him can be found on Wikipedia. He has died, as indicated by the word ‘Rip’ before his name.

According to the tributes, he was a well-known pro-Russian activist and blogger assassinated in Kherson. Locals reported the incident, which was confirmed by Nikita Tyutyunnik, the local National Corps commander.

Moreover, friends of the deceased later confirmed the information. He was shot near his entrance in the Shumen district, according to MOCT. He was behind the wheel of a gray Mazda.

On YouTube, one of the users uploaded a video of the murder scene. The police have yet to respond to inquiries about the incident. There is also no information about the blogger other than the fact that he worked for the police.

On Instagram, you can find Valery Kuleshov

Valery Kuleshov does not have an Instagram account. He is best known for reporting on life in Kherson after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

When the war first broke out, he would broadcast live from the battleground. After the Russians took control of the city, he began to volunteer as well.

Pavel Slobodchikov, his assistant, died on March 20. His assistant was shot near the home of ex-minister Vladimir Saldo. He had been actively playing the role of a journalist since the beginning of the war, providing updates on the current situation in Kherson.

Was Valery Kuleshov, a pro-Russian blogger, assassinated?

Valey Kuleshov, a pro-Russian blogger, was shot and killed in Kherson, according to multiple sources. He was allegedly shot multiple times while driving his gray Mazda.

There were several gunshots, as evidenced by the bullet holes in his car. The public has been mourning his death online as news of his death spreads across the internet. They are hoping that the current crisis will pass quickly and that no one will be killed.

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