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What Happened To Caesar Daughter From Black Ink? Caesar Emmanuel, the founder of Black Ink Crew, has been estranged from his daughter Cheyenne Emmanuel since she accused him of abuse, and fans want to know what happened to her.

On January 7, 2013, VH1 premiered the American reality television series Black Ink Crew (also known as Black Ink Crew: New York). The show’s popularity has resulted in spin-off shows set in Chicago and Compton.

What Happened To Caesar Daughter From Black Ink? Cheyenne Emanuel Allegations

The show follows the daily operations and employee drama at a tattoo parlor in New York City’s Harlem neighborhood over the course of nine seasons.

On March 8, 2021, the series was renewed for a ninth season, which began on April 19, 2021. The second part of Season 9 premiered on February 21, 2022.

What Happened To Caesar Daughter From Black Ink? Cheyenne Emanuel Allegations

Ceaser Emanuel’s daughter, Cheyenne, accused him of dragging her out of the shower, while naked and beating her “like a dog in the street.”She said her father was drunk when he smashed multiple doors and threw a speaker at her, prompting police involvement.

During Black Ink Crew Season 9 Episode 5 (aired May 18, 2021), Ceaser officially reacted to her charges, claiming that his daughter stayed with him and Suzette during the global lockdown.

When Black Ink Crew returned from hiatus in February 2022, the shop owner held a press conference to share his story, announcing his decision to sue Cheyenne’s mother, Crystal Torres, for character defamation.

Cheyenne Emanuel Age: How Old Is Caesar Daughter?

Cheyenne, Ceaser’s daughter, is currently 17 years old. She recently graduated from high school, which she announced to her Instagram fans.

She is rarely seen on Black Ink Crew, however, she did appear on the show once when Ceaser drove her to her prom. Suzette slammed the teenager online after her charges against her father.

When the VH1 celebrity discovered she didn’t have a prom date, she surprised her with a limo and a corsage, which viewers witnessed on the show.

Cheyenne Emanuel Wikipedia Explored

Cheyenne Emmanuel, daughter of Black Ink Crew’s owner Caesar Emmanuel, does not have a Wikipedia page, but her biography is available on different sites.

Due to legal concerns involving their family, Ceaser and Cheyenne have not spoken since 2022. But it wasn’t always like this, and the two were previously very close.

The business owner said there was no evidence of child abuse, but that he was placed in contempt by the courts because of the conference. 

Meet Cheyenne Emmanuel On Instagram

Cheyenne Emmanuel was active on Instagram under the handle @keepingupwithcheyycooliee. However, after the latest incident, she has disabled her account.

Ceaser made Cheyenne feel special by bragging about her to his Instagram followers. In 2020, he shared a photo of himself and his daughter with the caption admitting he loves her daughter very much and is always thankful for her.

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