What Happened To Sheila On Bold And The Beautiful? Find Out If She Is Dead Or Leaving B&B & Y&R
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The most cunning character on The Bold And The Beautiful, Sheila, recently passed away in a terrible off-screen accident, as fans of the show recently discovered.

They are confused by the absence of a crucial character who caused the story to take so many twists and turns. The episode of the show that aired on Thursday revealed Sheila Carter’s death.

This crafty character has been missing from the show ever since she broke out of jail. Before escaping, she murdered her biological son Finn and his wife Steffy.

Steffy, Finn, and their families have been worried about her whereabouts and afraid of her return ever since the shooting. However, the family gathered for the Thursday episode to hear a Sheila update from Detective Sanchez.

They expected to learn Sheila’s whereabouts or, at the very least, that she had been detained by the police. The detective, however, informed them that Sheila had actually passed away and that a bear had taken her life.

Her hair, blood, and fragments of her clothing were reportedly found at the scene, according to Sanchez. Because of this, the authorities were able to persuade them that a bear had killed her.

The family was leery of this information, though, as they were aware of how crafty of a con artist she could be. They didn’t believe she had left.

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