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American food blogger Deb Perelman has an estimated net worth of around $ 5 million.

She earned wealth thanks to her home cook’s book, The Smitten Kitchen. She never dreamed about entering the cooking industry as she was working as an art therapist in 2003. She started her Smitten blog to tell stories about her life in New York.

She was able to meet her future husband, Alex Perelman, because of her blog; he was the fourth commenter. Their romance and her writing career both got their start as a result of this.

As a result, nine years after meeting her husband, she launched the cooking blog, despite having no experience as a chef or even working in a restaurant.

Over the years, she has extended her franchise by publishing ‘The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook’ in October 2012 in collaboration with Knopf.

The book debuted No. 2 on The New York Times’s list of best-selling hardback guidance and other books. Since then, it has remained in the Top 5, placing her in esteemed company alongside authors like Thomas Keller and Ina Garten of “Barefoot Contessa” fame.

She has repeatedly stated that she did not anticipate her blog and book to receive that much attention in such a short period. According to her own words, her amusing response to the book’s popularity is to tell people not to ask her what she did or is doing because she is unaware of how it occurred.

According to NYTimes, Transferring readers from a blog to a book is tricky. Editors always say there is no way of knowing which blogger could get their audiences to buy a book by paying a decent amount when much of its content could be found online.

Perelman is, therefore, equally astounded and is literally at a loss for how thousands of her admirers are willing to spend roughly $35 for recipes that are virtually identical to those she offers on her blog.

She doesn’t have a selling point for her website other than that she runs it all out of a little kitchen in her Manhattan apartment, which appeals to young city dwellers who can identify with the small space.

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