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Lazar Lapenna Parents: On Friday, Lazar LaPenna, a ten-year-old fourth-grader from Long Beach, died while playing Little League baseball. More information on his tragic death can be found here.

After hitting the ball and taking a quick home run, Lazar LaPenna slumped on the field.

Who Are Lazar Lapenna Parents? Cause Of Death Revealed And Obituary Details

During his Little League of Long Beach game, he had an epileptic episode.

His father stated that his son Lazar was a talented kid and a good soul and that he was battling the seizure for over years.

We pray for the eternal peace of Lazar’s departed soul and express our sincere condolences to his grieving family.

We also kindly request everyone to maintain some moment of privacy for the mourning family and support them at the time of grave sadness.

Details On Lazar LaPenna’s Parents

Lazar LaPenna was born to his father Gregg LaPenna, the coach of his baseball team.

Support has been shared for Lazar’s mother Monique LaPenna and his father Gregg.

The family celebrated Lazar’s 10th birthday a day earlier to the Friday assigned game and were planning a surprise trip for Lazar.

Lazar Lapenna: How Did Long Beach Little League Player Die?

Lazar LaPenna was a 10-year-old from Long Beach and a fourth-grader of East Elementary School.

Lazar collapsed on the field at point Lookout Park where he was playing baseball at the Long Beach Little League.

His father Gregg LaPenna was the team coach and he stated about his son’s illness that he was diagnosed with the epileptic seizure years ago.

Lazar was a fan of baseball and loved the sport to its very core.

Gregg was noting the hit mark after he got a subtle genuine smile from his son.

Lazar’s elder brother then stated that he was having a seizure at the first base.

Gregg knew from the look on Lazar’s face that he was not having some normal seizure and thus EMTs were immediately rushed to the field to perform CPR on Lazar.

Lazar sadly passed away on the field.

Just a day earlier to this incident, the family celebrated the sweet birthday of their ten years old.

On Monday, May 2, 2022, the Long Beach Little League was resumed and a moment of silence was held to honor Lazar.

Lazar LaPenna Cause Of Death And Obituary Details

Lazar LaPenna’s cause of death has been reported as an epileptic seizure.

He was diagnosed with the disease some years ago and was stopped from playing any other sports except his favorite baseball.

His cause of death didn’t come from his playing or baseball action but from the illness that he was suffering from.

We pray for his departed soul and share our support with his parents who are mourning such a big loss.

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