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Who Is Domenico Paviglianiti? Ndrangheta Bossm Was Arrested In Madrid

Who Is Domenico Paviglianiti? Domenico was a leader of Ndrangheta a crime sundicate. Continue reading for more info on his age and family.

Domenico was a former boss of Italy’s most powerful organized crime syndicate named Ndrangheta.

Spanish National Police mentioned that he was detained on the streets of Madrid’s working-class neighborhood of Cuatro Caminos in a joint operation carried out with Italian police.

Who Is Ndrangheta Boss Domenico Paviglianiti?

Domenico was a former leader of Ndrangheta, which controls much of the cocaine trade in Europe.

The Ndrangheta is based in the southern region of Calabria, and the organization is considered the most powerful criminal syndicate in Italy.

The organization’s name comes from Greek which means courage or loyalty.

Domenico Paviglianiti Wikipedia And Age

Despite being a popular criminal, Paviglianiti’s bio has yet to be featured on Wikipedia.

He was arrested on the streets of Madrid through a joint operation done by the Spanish and Italian police. The boss has been on the run for around two years. Furthermore, he was detained on Tuesday with six mobile phones, nearly $7,100 cash, and fake Portuguese documentation.

He was wanted for his role in crimes he committed in the 1980s and 1990s, such as murder and drug trafficking. Likewise, he was arrested in 1996, and was convicted, and began serving a life sentence. However, he was released early due to an error in his sentencing.

Paviglianiti’s actual age is 60 years old, at the moment, as per Wiki soon.

He was born in the year 1960 or 1961, as he has yet to broadcast his exact date of birth as well as his zodiac sign publicly. Paciglianiti has not shared any info regarding his body measurement, so we could not confirm how tall he is at the moment.

What Is Domenico Paviglianiti Net Worth?

Domenico Paviglianiti has yet to broadcast his total net worth, as we did not get our hand on a verified piece of figures.

Being a leader of a gang member, his net worth must be in a couple of millions in 2021.

Although he was arrested with fake Portuguese documentation, €6,000, and six phones, he must have kept his asset properly and in a safe place.

Domenico Paviglianiti Wife And Family

Domenico Paviglianiti has not released any info regarding his wife and children yet, as we did not get any info about it.

He has not given any statement about being married or being in a relationship with anyone to date. However, when he was arrested, he lived on Don Quijote street with a Latin American woman and her teenage son.

So, we are not sure what they share, as the police have not released any data. Furthermore, the Domenico family resided in Barcelona before they moved to Madrid, as per AA com.

Source: CelebSaga

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