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Who Is Errol Anstey DA? Errol Anstey DA has lately been chastised for a “joke” in the kitchen. Continue reading to learn more about the incident that led to the divisive comment.

Errol Anstey is a member of the Democratic Alliance (DA). He was previously the DA’s 138th National Election candidate in 2014.

Who Is Errol Anstey DA? Deputy Chief Under Fire After Food ‘Joke’ Against Thandeka Gqada Explained

In Cape Town, the DA was caught in the center of a racial storm. Deputy Chief Errol allegedly made racist statements to Thandeka Gqada, a fellow party councillor, during a caucus session lunch break.

Gqada expressed her displeasure at the infringement of her rights. Here’s all you need to know about the breaking news.

Who is Errol Anstey DA?

Errol Anstey is a Democratic Alliance (DA) party member. It is a South African political party that was created in 2000 when the Democratic Party and the African National Congress merged.

It was designated as the African National Congress’s official opposition party (ANC). Its lineage can be traced back to the Democratic Party, a political party founded in 1989.

After appearing on the National Election list in 2014, he joined the party. He is currently employed as a senior counsellor in the Defense Agency.

Racial Slur and Food ‘Joke’ by Deputy Chief Errol Anstey Against Thandeka Gqada Explained

Deputy Chief Errol Anstey allegedly made a racist insult over lunchtime, according to Thandeka Gqada. When she spotted other coworkers “moving down to the dining hall,” he made the remark.

She goes on to say Her food is in the Eastern Cape, according to Anstey, and she must return there because “her food is here.”

She wants the issue examined at the next DA caucus meeting in the City of Cape Town. It’s worth noting, according to Gqada, because the party prides itself on being a non-racial organisation.

Other DA members have expressed support for her request to discuss it at the meeting, while Errol maintains that it was all a “joke.”

Details on the Errol Anstey Controversy

Errol Anstey has yet to make a statement about the controversy. Anstey has been called out on social media for allegedly making racial statements.

According to Gqada, Errol stuck to his comments and claimed he was kidding, displaying his “arrogance and defensiveness” in front of three other councillors.

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