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Who is Former Russian Spy Aliia Roza? The world’s attention has been drawn to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This war has caused a great deal of devastation in Ukraine, and many people have died as a result of it.

An ex-Russian spy who now lives in Los Angeles has criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin for invading Ukraine, threatening to “stop at nothing” to win the ongoing fight.

Who is Former Russian Spy Aliia Roza? Open Up on Vladimir Putin Over Ukraine – Age, Instagram, Husband, Net Worth

World leaders have already labeled Putin a war criminal for his barbaric abuse of Ukrainian citizens. His army have utilized bombing, shelling, and gunfire to take control of cities.

Who is Former Russian Spy Aliia Roza?

Aliia Roza, a former Russian spy, has now criticised the 69-year-old president for his dictatorial tendencies. Roza gained a lot of attention last year when she revealed her true identity as a former Russian special agent who fell in love with her target. After failing her mission in Russia, the 37-year-old nearly escaped with her life, eventually settling in the United States.

Aliia Roza Russian Spy

“I was trained in the same military curriculum as Putin, and we learnt how to be calm and cool-headed in a really difficult circumstance,” Roza explained. “Mr Putin always wins,” she added, “and he cannot lose this fight and backup because it will harm his character.” He’ll keep going till the very end.” Putin is focusing on gaining “complete control of Ukraine” and replacing President Volodymyr Zelenskyy with a new leader, she said.

Aliia Roza: Age, Instagram, Husband, Net Worth

“Putin’s policy is obvious- don’t allow NATO install any missiles or weapons in Ukraine,” Roza said, adding that “he would do everything in his power to achieve his goal.” However, he did not anticipate that the Ukrainians would fight back and require international assistance.” She also talked about her Russian and Ukrainian relatives and acquaintances who are terrified of Putin.

“Every day, I talked to them (friends and family) and they told me that Russians over 45 support Putin’s administration because they are afraid. Russian soldiers are usually not the ones who can pick to go to the fight or not, there is the order they have to follow it.”

Allia was born in the Soviet Union and spent her adolescence being trained as a spy. Her life, however, took a turn for the worst when she later had an affair with the man she was intended to honeytrap and gather intelligence on. She was sent on her first formal spy operation in 2004, where she met her target, Vladimir, with whom she allegedly fell in love.

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