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Who Is Korra Obidi Husband? Meet Justin Dean – Dr. Justin Dean is best known for being the husband of Korra Obidi, a musician. Here’s the backstory of his divorced and wedded wedding photos.

Dr. Justin Dean grew up in a small Japanese village.

Who Is Justin Dean? - Korra Obidi's husband speaks out on divorce Amid Divorce Rumor

While he was there, he learned to drive a tractor, mix crops, and harvest at native ranches and farms.

After high school, he obtained a university scholarship to run cross country and observe.

He instilled in me a love of athletics, biomechanics, and the human body’s limits during his collegiate coaching career.

This objective became the driving force behind all of his career choices.

Who Is Korra Obidi Husband? Meet Justin Dean

Justin Dean’s wife is Korra Obidi, a well-known Nigerian award-winning dancer and recording artist.

They already have one child together, and Korra has given birth to a second.

In a video of her growing family, Korra shared the happy news with her Instagram fans.

Korra Obidi Dean gave birth to her first child in 2019 with her husband, Dr. Justin Dean, a sports activities therapist and chiropractor from the United States. Her name is June Chidiebube Dean.

He made the decision to become a chiropractor and work with athletes right away.

Dr. Justin aspired to be one of the greatest doctors on the planet, helping individuals attain their full potential.

Justin Dean And Korra Obidi Marriage ceremony Pictured

The wedding of Justin Dean and Korra Obidi took place in a very private environment.

Only a few individuals were allowed to witness the event, and many more watched it from afar on social media.

However, none of this matters for the time being because they are both getting divorced.

Justin disclosed on his social media that he had accused Korra of being untrustworthy, and few people were aware of the fact.

However, as Justin’s profile shows, they’re getting divorced now.

Justin Dean Divorced Allegedly Dishonest And Rumored Allegations

On March 10, 2022, Justin announced his divorce from Korra Obidi on his social media profile.

Many thought he was joking, but he proved them incorrect.

Korra and Dean married in Delta State in 2019. They used to have their second child once a week.

In an Instagram post, Justin emphasized his unhappiness with Korra’s selfishness and lack of accountability.

Justin has accused his wife of being untrustworthy, albeit the details of the charge have not been made public.

He has said that his marriage has had issues that not everyone has been able to perceive.

Nonetheless, Korra has yet to say anything about the divorce, and fans are still expecting to hear her side of the storey.

On Instagram, you can find Justin Dean.

Dr. Justin Dean is a popular Instagram personality that has over 281k followers.

Justin has always been a well-known character, whether or not he is a health care practitioner.

Some credit Justin’s success to his wife Korra, but he has also made a name for himself among athletics.

On the ground, he’s a well-known therapist who enjoys working with a diverse group of people and athletes.

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