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Who Is Tsamfit TIkTok? Age Real Name, Boyfriend And Instagram

Tsamfit TikTok: Tsamfit is the female TikTok star who has gained popularity from her recent videos. Lets find out about her and the video. 

She is of Japanese origin, a recently been famous TikTok star through one of her TikTok videos. In that video, she has got the highest number of likes of 44.8M to date. 

Who Is Tsamfit TikTok?

Tsamfit, a popular TikTok star has been in the limelight recently. 

As seen on her TikTok video, while walking she found an infant animal that seems like a baby dog. But, at the end of the video, she has said actually there are two infants that she found. 

She has taken good care of them and has kept them in a warm tub. Also, she fed them and hoped that they will survive. 


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And, secondly, she has also uploaded a video of them where she is saying they are baby squirrels. Tsamfit is an animal lover who has taken good care of infants. Her first video has got 44.8M likes and the second one has 4.7M likes.

Tsamfit Age & Real Name

Tsamfit’s actual age is yet to be known. 

However, seeing her on TikTok videos, it looks she is in her late-’20s. Her exact birthday and birthplace are unknown. But, she is currently a resident of New Jersey and holds American nationality. 

She is of Japanese origin, might be her parents are Japanese. 

Though her real name isn’t published up to now, she has written Sam in her TikTok bio name which might be her real name. 


##viral ##babies ##squirrel ##nature ##fypシ

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Meet Her Boyfriend On Instagram

Neither there is any information about Tsamfit’s boyfriend on her TikTok or over the web nor we are able to find her Instagram handle.

She has been a famous TikTok celebrity but we are unable to find her on Instagram. And, she seems single up to now because there are no details regarding her boyfriend.

She isn’t so popular before that specific video. So, she hasn’t a Wikipedia page. Also, her net worth details remain unknown.

Source: CelebSaga

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