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Happy Friday!

Marry Me Now Key Art

Source: Courtesy OWN / Oprah Winfrey Network

The weekend has finally arrived and that means all the love, marriage and relationship shows will be airing on OWN! We’ve got some exclusive sneak preview clips from Saturday’s episode of ‘Marry Me Now.’

Episodic Stills from 'Marry Me Now' 4/30 episode featuring Mo and Tranese

Source: Courtesy OWN / Oprah Winfrey Network

The episode features Tranese & Mo, and unpacks how mother wounds from childhood can have profound impacts in adulthood. Tranese is confronting an estranged relationship with her mother, while following her heart and proposing to her girlfriend, Mo. Tranese and Mo have only been together for 6 months, but Tranese is ready to make Mo her wife. After such a short time as a couple, will Mo be ready to get married now? Tranese also hopes to resolve issues with her mother so that her mother will be part of her big day. Mo thinks she is on a show to promote Tranese as the vice president of a car club they are very involved in. Check out some key moments from the episode below:

Six months is definitely a short amount of time to be dating before marriage but some people feel it’s appropriate for an engagement. Do you think this couple has been tested enough at this early stage to know that they will be successful in the long haul?

Hit the flip to see Tranese spend some time bonding with Mo’s mom before she tries working things out with her own mother.

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