10 Times Hailey Bieber Has Copied Selena Gomez
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In June 2021, Selena Gomez took part in Vogue’s popular “Life in Looks” video series, which has celebrities looking back on their most iconic fashion moments through the years by flipping through a curated book of photographs. In the video, Gomez starts her fashion journey by looking at a 2007 red carpet look she wore at an ABC All-Stars Party. “Oh, it’s bad, just so bad. I thought I was so cool, you guys. It’s so embarrassing. But in my defense, it was very Paramore, Ashlee Simpson days,” Gomez states. However, it wasn’t all regrettable looks, with the singer sharing her love for her Versace dress at the 2013 VMAs and for the stunning red Prada gown she wore at the 2016 AMAs.

Just two months later, Hailey Bieber shared a video looking back on her fashion choices, too. Though it wasn’t for Vogue, Bieber posted a video on her YouTube channel called “My Biggest Fashion Fails.” In her video, Bieber goes through photos of her most cringe-worthy looks, like when she wore a hand-made Fall fairy Halloween costume her mother made when she was young, and shared a red carpet moment wearing a bad-fitting white satin dress with black heels. 

Again, do we see Bieber copying Gomez by posting her very own fashion video?

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