Brad Pitt And His Girlfriend Ines De Ramon Have A Bigger Age Gap Than We Thought
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After his controversial split from Angelina Jolie in 2016, Brad Pitt took his sweet time before entering another relationship. It wasn’t until November 2022 that rumors surfaced about the actor seeing someone new, and at the time, sources dished to People that they had already been dating “for a few months.” It turns out the “Babylon” actor was romancing Ines de Ramon, a jewelry designer and health coach who was previously married to “The Vampire Diaries” star Paul Wesley. And get this: She is 29 years younger than Pitt.

Huge age gap? No problem. His nearly three-decade age difference with de Ramon is apparently a non-issue for Pitt, who appears to be head over heels for his new girlfriend, at least according to sources close to them. They told Us Weekly that she’s a “big hit” with his friends, too, and just like Pitt, their age gap “isn’t an issue” for her.

Their relationship escalated to exclusive territory in a few months’ time, with another insider dishing to People that the lovebirds are “dating and having fun” and that Pitt is “not seeing anyone else right now” as he is “very happy” with de Ramon.

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