Where is Connor Cruise now?
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Connor Voyage, child of Tom Journey and Nicole Kidman, embraced a tranquil life in Florida, maintaining his own grilling business.
Intriguing looks into Connor’s life showed his affection for hitting the fairway, fishing, and free pursuits beyond Hollywood.
Regardless of bits of gossip about a stressed relationship, Nicole Kidman excused any crack and communicates her adoration for her youngsters.

Connor Voyage, the 28-year-old child of Hollywood power couple Tom Journey and Nicole Kidman, has to a great extent pulled back from the spotlight however sporadically offers looks into his life.
While his more youthful sister, Isabella, dwells in the Unified Realm, Connor has made Florida his home, having a calm and free existence.


Once fiddling with acting, Connor played minor parts in movies like Seven Pounds (2008) and Red First light (2012). In any case, he has since withdrawn from media outlets. Despite the fact that he seldom unveils appearances, he was seen at Milan Style Week in February, grabbing the eye of the media and fans.

As of now dwelling in Clearwater, Florida, Connor has sought after his interests beyond acting. He laid out his own grilling business called Connor’s Meat Shack, where he shows his culinary abilities. Moreover, he is an ardent remote ocean angler, frequently sharing recordings of his fishing trips and exhibiting his association with nature.

There have been gossipy tidbits about a stressed connection between Connor, Isabella, and their mom because of their contribution in Scientology. Nonetheless, Nicole Kidman has excused these cases, accentuating her adoration and backing for her youngsters.

Connor sometimes gives a brief look into his life through his web-based entertainment accounts. As of late, he shared an intriguing selfie on his Instagram Story, presenting with his golf buddies at the Belleair Nation Club. Wearing his unmistakable hitting the fairway clothing, Connor seemed cheerful and loose. This post follows his past golf-related photograph from Pelican Golf Club in Bellair, shared a month earlier.

At the point when seen out in the open, Connor is many times seen going with his dad, Tom Journey. The dad child pair has been shot together on different events, including their appearance at a Los Angeles Dodgers game in San Francisco last October, where they sat next to each other in the stands and communicated with fans.

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