Alistair Johnston Parents
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Bill and Kathryn Johnston are the proud Alistair Johnston Parents, who have been with the athlete since day one. This article will explore their lives while shedding light on their contribution to shaping the footballer’s career.

Alistair Johnston is a well-renowned Canadian professional footballer recognized for his consistency and prowess on the field.

Born October 8, 1998, Johnston is a defender for the Scottish Premiership club Celtic and the Canadian national team.

The passion for football was nurtured in him from a remarkably early age and was furnished with the direct aid of his family.

Furthermore, while making his mark in club football, he was called for the senior team of Canada in 2021, where he secured his place after showcasing his skills and scoring a goal.

Alistair Johnston Parents

The defender for Celtic was born in an athletic family to Bill and Kathyrn Johnston. They have heavily influenced his journey.

His father, Bill, was born in Vancouver, Canada, while his mother, Kathyrn, was born in Newtownards, Northern Irelands.

Bill and Kathryn had two sons: Malcolm and Alistair Johnston. Like his brother, Malcolm is a soccer player playing as a midfielder for the MLS Next Pro team Whitecaps FC 2.

The athletic nature of the sons reflects the parents’ athleticism. As a soccer player, Bill understands the game better than anyone, and his history aided that of his sons.

The journey of Alistair and Malcolm would have been challenging without the unwavering support of his parents, especially Bill.

The parents are always there to support Alistair and his brother. When Celtic won a league title, his parents flew from Canada to celebrate with Alistair.

In addition, Bill also makes sure that Alistair knows the values of awards and accolades as they are all people will remember.

Alistair Johnston Father: Meet Bill Johnston

Bill Johnston, Alistair Johnston’s father, was reportedly a soccer player. He was born in Vancouver, Canada, where he started his family.

As a soccer fan, Bill is one of the, if not the biggest, supporters of Alistair and his brother. He is likely the person who instilled the passion for football in the brothers.

He drove them to practice and forever motivated them to excel in their careers. He possibly played soccer with the kids daily.

In addition, Bill googles Alistair’s name regularly to see what people say about him. He reminds the athlete that awards and accolades are significant as they are all people will see when they look at his stats.

As he had portrayed a significant role in shaping Alistair’s career, he never wanted to miss out on any celebrations. When Celtic was about to win their second finals, Bill and his wife flew to Scotland to support their son and to partake in the merrymaking.

Alistair Johnston Mother: Who Is Kathryn Johnston?

Born in Newtownards, Northern Irelands, Kathryn Johnston is an Irish woman who started her family with a Canadian man in Canada.

She may be a housemaker who has done much for the family and the successful career of her husband and sons.

Like her husband, she too is proud of the height her son has achieved and has never left his side.

While his father nurtured his soccer career, she looked after other things. She was his emotional support.

Kathryn Johnston lives a humble life away from the spotlight, providing her unwavering support to Alistair from the dark.

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