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Does Joan Collins wear a wig? The English actress has been the fans’ concern for her hair as they question whether it is accurate or an extension. So have a look. 

Joan Collins is a famous English actress and also an author and columnist. Further, she is also the recipient of several accolades.

Along with that, she is also the last surviving celebrity from the Golden Age of Hollywood cinema.

Collins has received the Golden Globe Award, two Soap Opera Digest Awards, a People’s Choice Award and a Primetime Emmy Award nomination. 

Moreover, Joan was made a Dame by Queen Elizabeth II for her charitable services in 2015. Besides her professional life, fans also want to know something about her hair.

Does Joan Collins Wear A Wig?

This question has left everyone concerned, and many sources have reported that Joan Collins wears a wig.

Likewise, many people often ask questions related to this matter and believe that Collins wears a wig all the time.

However, Joan has also been open about this matter, and once, she mentioned that she does not wear a wig all the time.

Joan has amazing hair, and it often pulls the eyes of many people.

She once revealed her ageless looks’ secret: not cosmetic surgery, but rather heavy makeup and a vast collection of wigs.

Not only that, but Collins has also talked about her wig in her autobiography.

Collins has also been spotted in various places wearing a wig, and many people have shared their thoughts about it.

Joan Collins Hair Real Or Extensions

Joan Collins has natural hair, but online users have asked many questions about it, and people believe that Collins may have done hair extensions.

Not to mention, hair extension is lengths of artificial hair attached to one’s own hair to create a long hairstyle.

However, there is no truth about Collins having done this procedure.

Apart from that, Collins wears a wig, so netizens may have speculated that Collins has done procedures to make her hair look a bit bigger.

Once, Collins noted that she has an extensive collection of wigs.

She has said that she wears a wig when she goes out to an event because she thinks getting her hair done takes a lot of time.

More About Joan Collins Hairstyle

The prominent actress Joan Collins is known for her ever-changing and stylish hairstyles over the years.

Throughout her career, Collins has often embraced a glamorous and sophisticated look. 

Over the years, she has also experimented with different hair colors, including various shades of blonde, brunette, and red.

Many images of her hairstyles can be found on the internet sources.

Furthermore, Joan has styled her hair in various ways, all with different names, which many online sources have covered.

One of her most loved hairstyles is a medium wavy dark brunette hairstyle with layered bangs.

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