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Engku Emran is currently in media prominence after the news of his divorce was shared with his wife, Noor Nabila, a famous lifestyle influencer and family blogger, on Instagram.

Reportedly, Noor professionally helped run a family-owned fashion brand named Naelofar Hijab. Apart from that, she is also famous for being the sister of Noor Neelofa.

Not to mention, Neelofa is a prominent television actress, host, and model who has already been a part of many hit television shows, which helped her earn multiple awards.

Apart from that, her sister Nabila is making rounds on social media after her divorce news with Engku was confirmed.

Is Engku Emran Cerai With Wife Noor Nabila?

The news of Engku Emran cerai (divorce) with his wife Noor Nabila has been taking over the internet. The rumors had remained in the media for a long time.

Recently, it was confirmed that Engku and Nabila are getting divorced soon.

The pair agreed to divorce after the businessman Emran moved out of their home in early January 2023.

Nabila also said that the decision was accepted with an open heart.

She also described the marriage that was built based on love almost two years ago; Allah SWT determined everything.

Many of their fans and followers have asked multiple questions, but Nabila and Emran have not said anything about this matter.

The reason behind their separation also remains unclear, but the details may be updated in the future.

Engku Emran and Noor Nabila Relationship Timeline

Engku Emran and Noor Nabila were together for sometime. It appears like they have been together since 2021. The rumors of the duo’s engagement came in March 2021.

The rumors came into the limelight when Emran started to have a meal with Noor’s family. The images were also shared on social media.

Likewise, Emran and Nabila were seen having good moments together. Everyone started to speculate that they were together after the pair were seen cycling.

Furthermore, the pair later got engaged and married, but no details of their wedding are available in the media sources, but a report shows that they got married on March 19, 2021.

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Did Engku Emran and Noor Nabila Had Kids?

No, Engku Emran and Noor Nabila didn’t give birth to kids.

However, it was not their first marriage when they got married, as the pair were married to other figures in the past.

Nabila was said to be married to actor Sharnaaz Ahmad, with whom she tied the knot in March 2017.

As a result of her marriage with Ahmad, she gave birth to a son named Jebat Jayden Ahmad.

Apart from that, Emran was also married to another woman in the past.

He was married to Indonesian actress Laudya Cynthia Bella. Despite his marriage with Laudya, the couple didn’t give birth to children.

Furthermore, both of them are currently in the spotlight, and they may give more updates about their divorce in the future. 

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