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Williamson is a 59-year-old Caucasian male, who was seen mercilessly going after a lady of variety at a nearby corner store in Florida.

The person in question, 23-year-old Rayme posted a video from the observation tape of the corner store, where Kevin hit her multiple times right upside the head.

The case was accounted for to Jacksonville’s Sherrif’s Office, which reported his capture following 5 days of the episode, which occurred on May 16, 2022, Monday.

Who is Kevin Troy Williamson from Florida? Kevin Troy Williamson is a man from Florida, who has different past crook records and is named as an enlisted sex wrongdoer and hunter.

Before Williamson followed youthful Rayme into the service station, he was seen contending with an Indian man outside.

Williamson was seen flying off the handle, passing racial remarks to the casualty McCoy, making statements like, “you all sort, you really want to return where you came from.”

As indicated by News4Jax, Williamson had a recurrent aggressive behavior at home order recorded against him that was subsequently excused. Moreover, there were likewise two bothered attack charges against Williamson, which were subsequently dropped.

Kevin Troy Williamson Was Arrested For Hitting A Black Woman As per the JSO, Kevin Troy Williamson was captured on Friday after the store agent had announced the occurrence of the viciousness inside the Arlington Gas Station.

Somewhere around two observers were evaluated by the police in regards to the subtleties of the case, who were hesitant to promptly return the calls.

The assault is “absolutely unseemly and gives off an impression of being racially persuaded,” as indicated by Isiah Rumlin, leader of the NAACP’s Jacksonville branch, who added, “there is essentially no reason for his demonstrations.”

Kevin Troy Williamson In JSO Prison For Arlington Gas Station Assault Charges Kevin Troy Williamson, 59, was captured and accused of crime savagery on Friday, as indicated by police.

On Saturday, he showed up before an appointed authority on the charge and was requested to be hung on $20,000 bail, not to contact the person in question or witnesses, and not to get back to the gas station where the episode happened.

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