An Instagram model named Unykue Foucha claimed over the weekend that she had an affair with the Xscape singer’s husband of 26 years. In addition, she claimed that Rocky Bivens was the father of her unborn child.

On Sunday, Foucha publicly called out the talent manager on Instagram, saying that she and the manager have a “complicated relationship” and hinting at an ongoing pregnancy.

This announcement follows Scott’s recent apparent departure from Xscape, during which she “stepped back” from her role in the band. TMZ claimed on November 4th, 2022 that Bivens had a verbal confrontation with the band’s promoter, who threatened his life. According to an insider, Scott quit the group’s current tour out of loyalty to the other members.

There are, however, conflicting reports suggesting the news could not be accurate, so let’s dig a little more to find out the truth.

Rocky Bivens, LaTocha Scott’s Husband, Allegedly Expecting A Baby With Instagram Model Unykue Foucha

Unykue Foucha, an Instagram model, claimed over the weekend that she had an affair with LaTocha Scott’s husband of 26 years. On top of that, she said she was expecting a child with Rocky Bivens.

Foucha posted the steamy claims on her Instagram page, along with a picture of her and Bivens smiling. She also shared a sonogram of what she said was the baby she had with LaTocha Scott’s husband.

“The most f**ked up thing the universe can do to you is let you meet the right person at the wrong time,” Foucha captioned a post captured by The Shade Room.

LaTocha Scott’s Husband Doesn't Have A Pregnant Mistress: Unykue Foucha Says Her Page Was Hacked

She continued, “I’m just tired of living a lie all these years and ready to live in my truth freely and in peace unapologetically. I have no beef wit Latocha, never interfered with any of his dealings with Xscape, never made him choose. Me and Rocky had our own situation. I know this may be shocking news but this was a very complicated relationship that I couldn’t speak on for obvious reasons. Life can be a b***h and ima make sure mines is beautiful either way. It Is what It Is.”

LaTocha’s claims that one promoter was disrespectful to her husband were just one issue that drove a wedge between her and the other members of her Xscape group before these bombshell allegations surfaced.

That Grape Juice quotes LaTocha as saying, “The reason I am not doing the tour is because the promoter the girls are on tour with threatened my husband’s life,”

There are shady responses to the marital strife that have been posted on social media amid the cheating claims.

LaTocha Scott’s Husband Doesn't Have A Pregnant Mistress: Unykue Foucha Says Her Page Was Hacked

Most people were rightfully disgusted by the cheating allegations. However, new reports say that LaTocha Scott’s husband, Rocky Bivins, may not have a pregnant mistress after all – read on to know more.

Unykue Foucha Says Her Page Was Hacked

Earlier today, Unykue Foucha posted a story on her Instagram page in which she said that her account had been hacked and that she is not having an affair with anyone.

She claimed, “MY PAGE WAS HACKED!! I am NOT pregnant! Nor am I having an affair with anyone. The Fact that a fake sonogram was made with no information on it is crazy. I would never EVER knowingly date a married man!!! That is NOT my character. I was once a married woman myself. I have 3 amazing and handsome sons that came from that relationship.”

LaTocha Scott’s Husband Doesn't Have A Pregnant Mistress: Unykue Foucha Says Her Page Was Hacked

Foucha continued, “I do my best as a single parent and my boys are proud to call me momma. It’s insane that a simple pic at an event turned into a nightmare. I feel for everyone involved because I actually love Xscape. I don’t know what this is about or who would go to these EXTREME measures. But this was obviously a set-up in an attempt to ruin MY FAMILY AND THEIRS!!! I don’t know what’s going on just yet but I’m going to get to the bottom of this.”

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Many online users questioned her genuineness after hearing this news, which did not go over well with the general public. Lipstick Alley user rayaee opined, “Why concoct such a lie?? This had to be personal (if true)…’ User Greaseshine echoed, “Why would she embarrass herself like this? This seems like a revenge post. Maybe something did happen between them and he pissed her off. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

This is a story under development and we would update our readers as soon as further information is available.