Derek Grant Girlfriend
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Derek Grant girlfriend, Alexa Ossipoff, is now his wife and goes as Alexa Grant. This article will delve into her life and shed light on her time with her hockey player-husband.

A professional ice hockey player renowned for his time in the National Hockey League (NHL), Derek Grant was born on April 20, 1990.

Grant’s NHL career began when the Ottawa Senators selected him in the fourth round of the 2008 NHL Entry Draft. During the 2012–2013 season, he played for the Senators in his first NHL game.

He has demonstrated his center capabilities, and many take notice of his defensive prowess and penalty-killing ability.

Grant has played for several NHL teams, lending his skills to different squads in the league. He plays for the ZSC Lions of the National League (NL).

Thanks to his capacity to win crucial faceoffs and thwart power plays by other teams, he is an asset to his squad.

Derek Grant Girlfriend: Who Is Alexa Ossipoff?

The captivating Deker Grant’s girlfriend, Alexa Ossipoff Grant, is a grand name in the real estate world, renowned for her talents and experience in the field.

Her real estate license, issued by the California Department of Real Estate in December 2020, expires in December 2024.

Ossipoff received her Associate of Arts in Communication and General from Santa Barbara City College and her Bachelor’s Degree in the same majors from San Diego State Univerity.

Her real estate career began at Coldwell Banker as a Real Estate Agent in January 2020. She left the company in October 2021 to hold the same position in Compass.

Her relentless hard work and meeting customer expectations have earned her the utmost reputation in her line of work.

When she is not working, she is with her husband as his pillar of support. The two live an ecstatic life full of love and adventure.

Derek Grant Dating History

Before Alexa Ossipoff, the dating history of Derek Grant remains elusive. She is likely the first girlfriend of the athlete.

As the athlete has a private Instagram, it is unclear if he posts pictures of his wife. Or photos with her before they got married.

However, Derek was first seen on Alexa’s Instagram on July 1, 2019. Since then, she regularly posts pictures with him, giving a glimpse into their enduring relationship.

As for Derek, it is unclear if he has dated anyone in the past. He lives a private life away, separating his personal and professional life.

In this modern world where celebrities are often seen gushing about their lives, Derek stands out as an advocate for maintaining boundaries.

His decision to keep his dating life private could be attributed to his desire to prioritize his career and craft over the distractions coming from public relationships.

Derek Grant And Alexa Ossipoff Married Life

The talented hockey player Derek Grant and the accomplished real estate agent Alexa Ossipoff started dating before July 1, 2019, when the couple were first seen together.

Due to the private nature of Derek, little is known about their married life. However, a glimpse of their adventures together is available on Alexa’s Instagram.

The adorable pair likely exchanged their wedding vows in July 2022, as Alexa stated in a post that they got their marriage license on their anniversary.

Whatever the circumstances of their togetherness may be, the two have immense love for one another.

The two are proud parents to a dog, whom they take everywhere they go.

The happy family of three lives a life full of adventure and supports one another in their pursuits.

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