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Baltimore fans fondly remember the 1970s and their star at third base, Brooks Robinson. At 72 years old and a grandfather, he stayed down-to-earth and modest.

He was dedicated to his family and community, finding strength in his Catholic faith during health challenges.

Born on May 18, 1937, in Little Rock, Arkansas, he made his mark as a third baseman, primarily for the Baltimore Orioles. Robinson’s career spanned from 1955 to 1977, and he became known for his exceptional fielding skills, earning 16 Gold Glove Awards.

He played a pivotal role in the Orioles’ success, including their 1970 World Series victory.

Beyond his athletic achievements, Robinson was admired for his humility and commitment to his family and community.

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Was Brooks Robinson Christian Or Catholic? Religion

Raised as a Methodist in Little Rock, Ark., Robinson never expected to become a Catholic.

However, after marrying Connie, his Catholic wife of nearly 50 years, the former baseball star felt drawn to the Catholic Church.

With three sons and a daughter, Robinson believed it was important for the entire family to attend church together.

“As the kids got older, they were curious and wondered, ‘Why doesn’t dad come to church with us?’” Robinson explained. “It made a lot of sense to join the Catholic Church.”

He began learning about the Catholic faith with Monsignor Martin A. Schwalenberg Jr., the Orioles’ chaplain and one of Robinson’s tennis partners. 

In the late 1960s, Robinson officially converted to Catholicism at the Church of the Nativity in Timonium.

Brooks Robinson embarked on his journey into the Catholic faith under the guidance of Monsignor Martin A. Schwalenberg Jr., who also happened to be his tennis partner and the chaplain for the Baltimore Orioles. 

 His faith has been a source of comfort and guidance, adding another dimension to his remarkable story on and off the baseball field.

Brook Robinson Family

Brooks Robinson’s family was a central part of his life. He was a loving husband and father with strong ties to his wife, Connie, and their four children.

Brooks Robinson was married to Connie Robinson. They were married for nearly 50 years.

The couple had four children together: three sons and a daughter.

Even as a grandfather, the family remained his priority. Robinson’s Catholic faith played a significant role in guiding his family life and instilling values and principles.

Many admired his commitment to his family and community, and he often emphasized their importance.

This baseball legend’s legacy extends beyond the field, reflecting his dedication to being a devoted family man.

Brook Robinson Ethnicity

Brooks Robinson’s heritage is of mixed race, with roots tracing back to German, English, and Scottish ancestry.

His diverse background was a part of his unique and rich heritage, contributing to the mosaic of American culture.

Brooks Robinson’s grandfather on his dad’s side was named Robert Bruce Robinson.

Robert’s parents were Samuel Calvert Robinson and Melissa Caroline Martin. Samuel was born in Pope County, Arkansas, and he was the child of Samuel McClory Robinson and Ericksina Mary Ann.

On the other hand, Melissa was born in Wayne County, Tennessee, and she was the daughter of Samuel A. Martin and Rebecca Ann Lawson.

Robinson’s mixed ethnicity reflected the diverse nature of many individuals and families in the United States, showcasing the blending of different cultures and backgrounds.

Born in America, Robinson’s heritage is a testament to the melting pot of cultures that define the nation.

Despite his diverse roots, he became an iconic figure in American baseball, symbolizing the unity and shared passion for the sport that transcends ethnic boundaries.

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