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Vincent Simmons was only 25 years of age when he was condemned to 100 years in jail for the assault of 14-year-old twins Karen and Sharon Sanders, a wrongdoing he guarantees he won’t ever perpetrate.

Also, read the article to be familiar with Keith Laborde In Vincent Simmons Case.

Who Is Keith Laborade And Where Is He Now? Keith Laborde, a 18-year-old guaranteed Marine Corps lieutenant, was with Karen and Sharon Sanders, his most memorable cousins, at the hour of the supposed occasion on the night of May 9, 1977.

As per their reports, he was bringing them back home from his home when he got a drifter from 7-11, just for him to be driven into the storage compartment of his vehicle at knifepoint.

Keith, similar to the young ladies, demanded their aggressor was a Black male, whom they generally later perceived as Vincent Simmons from an arrangement when they went to the specialists fourteen days after the fact.

As per ’48 Hours,’ Keith Laborde has completely denied truly engaging in sexual relations with Karen, in spite of the (evidently unwarranted) charges against him.

As far as his ongoing status, the Louisiana local, who is in his 60s, will in general really like to avoid the spotlight these days since he purportedly has his very own group.

Where Could Karen And Sharon Sanders Cousin Keith Laborade Status Today be? Keith Laborde is determined that Vincent is liable, which is the reason, when CNN moved toward him for a meeting in 2020, he allegedly vented his fury through obscenities, dangers, and bigoted slurs tossed at him.

“This sh*t occurred,” Keith finished up. It’s genuine. It occurred. What’s more, I’m done adapting to this. I’m not looking behind me any longer… “I’d had it with this hogwash.”

In like manner, He let the group know that they essentially “messed around like kids,” that’s it or less, it was deliberate to add that everything.

Keith Laborade Statement On Vincent Simmons Case Dana trusts Keith, Karen, and Sharon made up an account about a Black man going after them to legitimize the noticeable scratches and their general appearance that evening.

Karen made sense of the circumstance in a meeting with CBS, expressing that while she had consensual intercourse with Keith before the late spring of 1977, it occurred before that.

They “tested” when she was a kid and he was a young person, as indicated by reports. Be that as it may, absolutely no part of this has a say in Vincent’s activities.

Moreover, There have been two separate occurrences. “Those are two unique things,” she explained.

Nonetheless, one of their different cousins has since asserted that the threesome lied during the examination, which Keith by and by told her at a bar long after Vincent’s conviction.

Dana Brouillette uncovered a sworn statement, “He informed me that he had consensual sex with one of the young ladies and locked the other in the storage compartment.”

“He had gone down Little California Road and secured Sharon in the storage compartment, and he expressed the sex among him and Karen was consensual,” she later made sense of.

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