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Gabriel Kovari Wikipedia: Stephen Port Murder Victim – When serial killer Stephen Port murdered Gabriel Kovari, he was only 22 years old.

Gabriel Kovari was a 22-year-old Sloviavian with linguist abilities. After being lured to serial rapist Stephen Port’s flat in East London, his big dream was cut short.

Gabriel Kovari Wikipedia
Gabriel Kovari Wikipedia

He took his final breath after receiving a lethal dose of GHB, a date rape drug.

Now, the crime drama Four Lives is shedding light on the victims’ families as well as the trauma of losing a loved one.

Gabriel Kovari Wikipedia: Stephen Port Murder Victim

Gabriel Kovari was one of the young men who died at the hands of serial killer Stephen Port. The killing occurred between the timespan of June 2014 to September 2015.

Kovari was a 22-year-old gay man with big dreams behind his sinless persona. He moved to the United kingdom from Slovakia after completing his university educations.

Indeed, the young man moved to the crowded city of London in hopes of being a translator for the NHS.

Did Stephen Port Get Convicted For His Crimes?

Gabriel Kovari’s killer Stephen Port is serving a life sentence for the massacre of four men.

Besides, he had gotten convicted multiple times in between his murders. After his very first homicide, he roamed free by being granted bail.

The case showed the carelessness of the authorities towards the gay community and raised an uproar in the nation.

Port went on a killing spree for a year especially targeting the LGBTQ+ community. His other victims were of similar age and shared common sexuality.

Anthony, Walgate, Kovari, and Daniel Whitworth got killed after ingesting a fatal dose of GHB.

Who Was The Family Of Gabriel Kovari?

The family of Gabriel Kovari asked to bring justice for the life of their son. The police took no care about the case as his friend noted that his family back home was not even notified of his passing.

His friend with whom he was living called him a kind and sweet-natured guy. After four days of moving out of their shared flat, his dead body got found in a graveyard.

The concerned friend took matters into his hand, sending various emails and phone calls to metropolitan police about the inconsistencies with the case.

Was Gabriel Kovari Dating Anyone?

Gabriel Kovari was in a committed relationship with Thierry Amodio. After knowing about his partner’s death, he got devested to the core.

Despite everyone knowing that it was a murder, the police refused to probe deeper into the investigation.

Growing frustrated with the incident, he tried to look for answers himself.

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