Karen Eames
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Karen Eames

Karen Eames

A New York woman who survived her deputy husband’s murder-suicide despite being shot in the face and arm now faces charges for allegedly helping the killer steal from the sheriff’s office that employed him.

Karen Eames, 46, faces counts of grand larceny, and criminal possession of stolen property, according to local outlets. She pleaded not guilty.

The suspect’s homelife ended in blood and tragedy at the family’s residence in Onondaga County on Feb. 7. Her husband, sheriff’s Civil Deputy Isaac Eames, 48, shot her. He also fatally shot their son Troy Eames 21, and the family dog. After that, the shooter died by suicide.

Authorities say Isaac Eames carried out the attack because his colleagues were investigating him after a bank flagged an attempted transfer of more than $40,000 from a sheriff’s office bank account that he controlled. The alleged destination? His personal bank account.

Officials claim the couple lived lavishly after deputy Eames made 13 transfers totaling more than $529,000, according to WSTM. They allegedly gambled, brought land, built a house, and took trips to destinations including Niagara Falls, Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and beaches in Delaware.

The withdrawals were hidden in plain sight as part of a civil account used for frequent deposits and withdrawals, such as garnished wages.

“His purpose for doing this was pure greed,” Onondaga County Sheriff Gene Conway said. “We have no evidence, no indication that there were any kind of medical issues or any situation that would require or he would need monies.”

But there was no indication before that Feb. 7 that the deputy would attack his family and take his own life.

“This has to happen,” Isaac Eames allegedly said before shooting his wife, according to the sheriff.

Troy Eames was remembered in his obituary as a “kind” and caring young man:

Inside this big strong young man existed a kind, loving and sensitive soul. He always wanted to please people and cared for everyone he loved. He will be sadly missed but will always be remembered as “Momma’s Boy”.

The investigation is ongoing, with Conway saying there’s no evidence Isaac Eames stole from grant management funds he oversaw.

That leaves wife Karen as the only person left to face responsibility for the alleged thefts.

“For the past few months, she has had to withstand what I believe to be one of the most horrific tragedies that a person can endure,” attorney Michael Vavonese said. “With the death of her son, Troy, the death of her husband, Isaac, the extreme injuries she received, and the death of her pet all at the hands of her husband’s weapon.”

He suggested there could be an innocent explanation his client’s alleged involvement.

“I sincerely hope that as we go through this, we find that there is some misinterpretation or confusion of events,” he said, according WSYR.

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