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Murder: How Did Marisa Muia Die? Marisa Muia told the tragic story of her mother’s domestic violence at Yellow Brick House’s annual dinner. Marisa Muia’s cause of death is unknown. Let’s learn more about victims of domestic violence in this article.

Marisa Muia was the lovely mother of Lisa Toma, who lived in Ontario. Marisa Muia, in particular, endured excruciating anguish as a result of her marriage. It’s difficult to fathom how domestic violence might cause trauma in children. Lisa Toma and her siblings experienced the same thing as a result of domestic violence in their upbringing.

Murder: How Did Marisa Muia Die? Lisa Toma Mother Domestic Violence Victim

Lisa Toma works as a senior advocate at Yellow Brick House Shelter, a non-profit that assists vulnerable persons who may be victims of domestic violence.

Further, she is the youth coach and mentor, where she focuses on youth through emotional well-being and self-worth.

Murder: How Did Marisa Muia Die? Lisa Toma Mother Domestic Violence Victim

Marisa Muia died on May 1, 2002, in Ontario, Canada. In particular, it was the result of severe domestic violence. Marisha Mauia has four children in her family.

Lisa Toma is her eldest daughter, and Lisa was just eighteen years old when she lost her mom. Lisa has shared the story of her mother’s domestic violence at the annual gala of Yellow Brick House. 

Marisa Mauia had visited Yellow Brick House Shelter multiple times for counseling as she had a hard time in those days due to domestic violence. Thus Lisa Toma has been working with Yellow Brick House Shelter to help the domestic violence victim women at the current date.

How Old Was Marisa Muia When She Died? Age Explored

Marisa Muia lost her life at the age of 36 as she was born on June 7, 1995, where she died on May 1, 2002, in Ontario, Canada. When Lisa Toma shared the story of her mother, thousand of people tributed love to Marisa for her struggle. 

Lisa usually acknowledges her mother for her love and support, and where she often mentions her mother was a true warrior and most loveable mother, despite having so much pain in her life. 

Learn More About Marisa Muia Husband Family Details

Marisa Muia had four children from her marital relationship with her husband, two were sons, and two were daughters. Meanwhile, many people have searched for her husband’s details on the web. However, Lisa Toma has not revealed much about Marisa’s husband in the media. 

Further, her children’s names are Carlo Muia, Vince Muia, Lisa, and Lori Muia, where all of them were very young when they lost their mother in 2001, and they started to live with their grandparents. 

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