Pocahontas Arkansas Police Department Probes Theft of Flowers from Local Cemetery
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Masonic Cemetery on Pyburn Street in Pocahontas, Arkansas, has become the target of flower theft, leaving families grieving and the community outraged. The Pocahontas Arkansas Police Department is actively involved in investigating multiple reports of flowers being stolen from graves, including an incident where flowers were taken off twice.

Pocahontas Arkansas Police Department Probes Theft of Flowers from Local Cemetery (Photo: Depositphotos)

Pocahontas Arkansas Police Department Launches Investigation into Grave Flower Thefts

In a an event published by KAIT8, in September 27, 2023, the serene Masonic Cemetery on Pyburn Street in Pocahontas, Arkansas, is at the center of a grave theft spree, leaving families distraught and the community outraged. The Pocahontas Arkansas Police Department has been inundated with reports concerning the theft of flowers from multiple gravesites. According to Ray Adams, a Cemetery Committee Member, some graves have been targeted more than once, intensifying the anguish of those who have loved ones resting in peace. The brazen act has stirred a wave of anger among residents, prompting a plea for vigilance from Adams: “Anyone out there that sees any of this going on, let us know, and we’ll take care of it.”

Beyond the rage, according to Pocahontas Arkansas Police Department,  the families affected by this unprecedented theft spree in Pocahontas are grappling with profound sadness. Joshua Dement, Funeral Director at McNabb Funeral Home, expressed the heartbreak experienced by those who returned to visit graves only to find the flowers stolen. The emotional toll is exacerbated by the already challenging process of coping with the loss of loved ones.

Adams, in addressing the community, together with Pocahontas Arkansas Police Department, conveyed that this is the first occurrence of such thefts, expressing hope that it will be the last. The sudden rise in these incidents has left the community in a state of shock and disbelief, as they seek answers and justice in the face of a crime that strikes at the heart of their collective grief.

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Pocahontas Arkansas Police Department’s Vigilance Amplifies Amidst Cemetery Theft Surge

According to the report released by WBRC, as the Pocahontas Arkansas Police Department intensifies its efforts to apprehend those responsible for the heart-wrenching flower thefts at the Masonic Cemetery, community members are urged to remain vigilant. The unprecedented nature of this crime has mobilized law enforcement to address the situation promptly.

Cemetery Committee Member Ray Adams emphasized the need for community involvement, urging residents to report any suspicious activity to Pocahontas Arkansas Police Department. The emotional toll on affected families and the broader community has galvanized a united front against these callous acts, with the hope that swift action by law enforcement will bring an end to this distressing chapter in Pocahontas.

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