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Booking photo via Ramy Hany Mounir Fahim.

Ramy Hany Mounir Fahim.

A California man is accused of murdering a coworker and that man’s roommate in an apartment last week.

Ramy Hany Mounir Fahim, 26, faces two counts of murder, and two enhancements each of lying in wait, multiple murders, and the personal use of a deadly weapon, according to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office on Friday.

He was in the apartment mildly injured when police arrived to find Griffin Cuomo and Jonathan Bahm, both 23, stabbed to death in the victims’ apartment Tuesday morning, authorities said. Evidence shows Fahim was around the residence in the hours leading up to the killings, according to officials.

Fahim and Cuomo allegedly worked together at what prosecutors described as a “wealth management company” in Orange County. Authorities did not suggest a motive for the killings, however.

A security guard at the apartment complex encountered Fahim on the roof just hours before the murders at midnight, prosecutors said. On top of that, Fahim was allegedly spotted on the floor of the victims’ apartment Tuesday morning.

According to Anaheim police, cops “responded to reports of an in-progress assault in an apartment in the 2100 block of E. Katella Avenue.”

Authorities said they found two men dead in the apartment, though they did not identify the victims at the time. Fahim was also there, suffering from what police described as a “minor injury.”

Officers jailed Fahim. The 26-year-old’s arraignment is scheduled for May 6.

“These young men were just starting to live out their dreams and find their places in the world,” Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer said of Cuomo and Bahm. “But an intruder who stalked them and then slashed them to death in their own home interrupted those dreams. The callous way that two young lives were ended cannot be ignored and we will do everything we can to ensure justice is served.”

Anaheim police are asking anyone with relevant information to contact homicide detectives at 714-321-3669.

[Booking photo via Anaheim Police Department]

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