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Watch Edward Bronstein Full Video and Autopsy Report – Following a court order, Edward Bronstein’s whole footage of being held down by cops as well as his autopsy report have been made public.

Edward Bronstein was a man who died in Pasadena on March 31, 2020.

Watch Edward Bronstein Full Video and Autopsy Report - 'I Can't Breathe' Held Down By Cops

Bronstein, according to Ansa.it, had been subjected to police abuse before to his murder. On the day of his death, police attempted to extract a blood sample from him.

Edward died fewer than two months before George Floyd died in Minneapolis, which is interesting. The victim’s autopsy report and a video of him being held have recently gone popular on the Internet.

Watch: Edward Bronstein Full Video and Autopsy Report – ‘I Can’t Breathe’ Held Down By Cops

Edward Bronstein’s video has emerged on social media on March 18, 2022. However, it was released on Tuesday following a court order.

In the video, we can see him being pinned down by at least five uniformed officers when he refused to give a blood sample.

While pinned to the ground, Bronstein can be heard repeatedly telling the officers, “I can’t breathe.”

Also in the clip, officers are seen knocking on the handcuffs and pressing their knees on the back of Bronstein.

The incident had happened in the custody of the California Highway Patrol (CHP). It was filmed by a CHP Sargeant and it lasts almost 18 minutes.

The autopsy report says Edward Bronstein’s death cause is acute methamphetamine intoxication during restraint by law enforcement.

Edward Bronstein Was Held Down By Cops- Why Was He Arrested?

Following a traffic encounter in Los Angeles County in March 2020, cops held Edward Bronstein down.

As they attempted to collect a blood sample, he was detained by several officers. The California Highway Patrol apprehended him and took him into custody (CHP).

Family members of Bronstein have sued the cops in federal court. They’ve accused cops of violating their civil rights and using excessive force.

In the meantime, the court has yet to conduct thorough inquiries into the subject. No policemen have been arrested as of yet.

The federal lawsuit’s trial date has been set for December 13, 2022. It will be kept under consideration till then.

Following the horrific incident, many individuals took to social media to express their displeasure with police brutality.

Who Is Edward Bronstein? His Wife Family And Wikipedia

Edward Bronstein was a Southern California resident. At the time of his death, he was 38 years old.

He is a father of five small children and is married.

The complaint also names his father, Edward Tapia, and a young daughter, Brianna Palomino, as plaintiffs.

Bronstein had been studying to become an airplane mechanic, according to his relatives.

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