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What Happened To Meghan Landowski? The murder of Meghan Landowski is one of the most heinous crimes in Portsmouth’s history. Learn more about the case, which drew extra police attention and media attention for a variety of reasons.

Meghan Landowski was a well-known young lady in her area, and her assassination continues to scare the entire country.

What Happened To Meghan Landowski? The Murder Of Portsmouth Dancer Explored On Dateline

She was only 15 years old when she was s3xually abused and stabbed to death 43 times at her house in 2008. With her history of abuse, Meghan’s life was tragic, and her death case shattered everyone’s hearts.

NBC Dateline covered the case in its 2019 episode in two-part documentation. Further story on the case will continue in the upcoming episode “The Call” of the show.

What Happened To Meghan Landowski Of Portsmouth?

Meghan Landowski was found heavily bleeding with 43 knife stabs and was physically violated before her murder.

Her stepfather Christopher Shortt had found Meghan in the brutalist scene ever and had called for 911 help.

Before her passing away, Meghan and her family were fighting a legal battle against their family friend, Robert Hicke.

Hicke had been grooming Meghan and had forcibly assaulted a teenager, Meghan. Due to the incidents, Meghan’s poor academic performance and sadness were noticed by everyone.

Dateline Explores On Meghan Landowski Murder Mystery- Who Killed Her?

Meghan Landowski’s murder mystery initially pointed towards Robert Hicke as her abuser and murderer. However, the case took a full degree turn when a top from Meghan’s school bus driver suggested Robert Barnes’ name in the case.

Barnes was Meghan’s fellow student and a close friend. The young Barnes had also been to Meghan’s house, and the two were very close.

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It was the closeness that cost Meghan her life as Barnes became obsessed with her. His obsession turned him into an abuser and finally a killer.

After duping the police for a DNA test, Barnes was finally charged with Meghan’s heartwrenching murder and was sentenced to 42 years in prison in 2009.

Where Is Meghan Landowski Killer Now?

Meghan Landowski’s killer Robert Barnes is still serving his prison sentence in a Virginia prison. In 2009, he had agreed to a special plea deal, where he wouldn’t be tried as an adult.

However, given the nature of the case, he was sentenced to a lengthy prison sentence.

In his interview later, Robert showed his remorse for his actions and even said that he would not do the same if he could turn back time.

Meghan’s abuser, a First Class Navy Sailor, Robert Hicke, was charged with child abuse and possession of child pornography of over 200 illicit photos of underage children.

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