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What Happened To Vyacheslav Matrosov? Reddit Story – In a show of support, Russians demand that Oleg Sviridov, a parent imprisoned for killing a pedophile who raped his 8-year-old daughter, not be charged with murder.

After a murder charge was dropped, a distraught father was sentenced to 18 months in prison for forcing his pedophile friend to dig his own grave in punishment for raping his six-year-old daughter.

What Happened To Vyacheslav Matrosov? Reddit Story

The father stabbed his former friend Oleg Sviridov, 32, to death after seeing graphic photos of him s3xually assaulting his daughter on his friend’s phone.

Who Is Oleg Sviridov? A distraught father forces a s3xual abuser to commit suicide.

According to Russian officials, Oleg Sviridov, 32, preserved cellphone footage of his assault on a group of young people in Vintai hamlet in the Samara region.

Vyacheslav M, a rocket engine worker, was drinking with his friend Sviridov when he saw a video of his daughter, now nine, being raped on the man’s phone.

Other disturbing films purportedly depicted previous violent rapes of village girls as young as six and eleven. The deceased suspect had been assaulting children for five years, according to the photos.

His father compelled Oleg Sviridov, a child s3x abuser, to dig his own grave in a wooded area of the country’s Samara region. Sviridov died of knife wounds during a disagreement with his father, Vyacheslav (Slava) Matrosov, 35, and was buried in an unmarked cemetery.

Investigators suspect Sviridov killed himself during the brawl in the woods in which Matrosov screamed his fury about the s3x abuse.

Vyacheslav Matrosov: What Happened to Him? Story from Reddit

Matrosov was arrested for the first time on suspicion of murder, causing indignation in Russia. Last Monday, Samara’s Krasnoglinsky Court convicted him guilty of ‘inciting’ his partner to commit suicide.

The friendship went apart after the father saw a horrifying and filthy video on his friend’s phone showing Sviridov forcing his daughter to perform a s3x act on him. Sviridov was only six years old when her phone captured nasty s3x abuse footage of the youngster.

Oleg was heard screaming and pleading with the nine-year-old child to leave her alone and let her go home since she was in pain. Matrosov, a former rocket engine factory worker, might have faced a 15-year sentence if he had been charged with murder.

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