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Mugshot: Anis Fouad Hemissi shooter Arrested in Flamur Beqiri Murder  – Anis Fouad Hemissi, a 24-year-old Swedish gunman, is responsible for the death of Flamur Beqiri. On the doorstep of his home in Battersea, southwest London, he was shot in the back.

After a two-week trial at Southwark Crown Court, Anis Fouad Hemissi, a 24-year-old kickboxer, was convicted guilty.

Mugshot: Anis Fouad Hemissi shooter Arrested in Flamur Beqiri Murder 

A fellow Swede, Estevan Pino-Munizaga, was also convicted guilty of manslaughter.

Tobias Andersson, 32, and Bawer Karaer, 23, both of Sweden, were found not guilty.

Who Is Anis Fouad Hemissi?

Anis Fouad Hemissi, a Swedish hitman, was found guilty of murdering a crime lord on his doorstep in London.

Flamur ‘Alex’ Beqiri, 36, is a Swedish national of Albanian heritage whose sister, Misse Beqiri, was a celebrity on the Real Housewives of Cheshire.

On Christmas Eve 2019, he was assassinated outside his £1.5 million property in Battersea, southwest London.

The murder was carried out as a result of tit-for-tat strikes between competing Swedish gangs.

Anis Fouad Hemissi was photographed entering the rental apartment.

Anis told the Southwark Crown Court that he wanted to see Nadine, a woman he met on the internet, in London.

When questioned by the prosecution, he couldn’t recollect her last name, where she resided, or which institution she attended.

Mr. Beqiri was a boss in an international drug gang, according to the court.

He’d been singled out as part of a feud with a rival organized crime group.

He was shot numerous times in a six-month-long assassination.

Mugshot: Anis Fouad Hemissi shooter Arrested in Flamur Beqiri Murder

Flamur Beqiri’s gunman, Anis Fouad Hemissi, was apprehended and found guilty of the accusations.

Mr. Beqiri was unknown to Hemissi, who claimed he had no reason to ‘desire to hurt him.’

The dual Swedish-Tunisian national said he communicated with Nadine, 22, on a daily basis but was unable to provide proof to authorities because he had forgotten his phone’s password.

On camera, Anis was wearing a latex mask and firing ten shots from a pistol, eight of which hit Mr. Beqiri from behind.

Anis had disguised himself as a litter picker in order to perform the study.

The death was described by Louise Attrill, a senior Crown Prosecution Service prosecutor, as “a tit-for-tat competition between two major organized crime organizations.”

After Hemissi opened fire ten times outside his home in Battersea, southwest London, Mr. Beqiri was injured by eight bullets.

Krasniqi can be heard screaming and seen embracing her two-year-old kid in the footage.

Following the shooting, the gunman escaped on foot, leaving behind the couple’s three-month-old boy as well as the children’s three grandparents.

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