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Why Did Angela McCraw-Hester Kill Annastasia Hester? Angela McCraw-Hester is serving her life sentence for killing Annastasia Hester in 2016. 

Angela McCraw-Hester is a convicted murderer. In 2016, she was responsible for killing Annastasia Hester who happens to be her husband’s ex-wife.

Why Did Angela McCraw-Hester Kill Annastasia Hester, Where Is She Now? Everything On The Killer Behind Annastasia Hester Murder

Where Is Angela McCraw-Hester Now?

Angela McCraw-Hester is currently serving her life imprisonment.

On October 4, 2017, she was arrested and charged with the aggravated murder of Annastasia Hester. In addition, she also received charges related to the first-degree burglary after her DNA was identified on one of the murder weapons.

McCraw-Hester has the possibility of parole after serving 25 years behind the bar.

Angela McCraw-Hester Was Arrested For The Murder Of Annastasia Hester

Annastasia Hester was stabbed to death by Angela McCraw-Hester while she was in her sleep.

In the early hours of June 16, 2016, McCraw-Hester had entered the home of Anastasia at the Gresham apartments. She then stabbed her more than 60 times. The victim was able to call 911 for help, although she died at the hospital.

Ultimately, the forensic evidence matched McCraw-Hester’s DNA with some specific things in the house. Further, the surveillance video also showed her walking around the apartment.

Anastasia acknowledged entering Ms. Hester’s residence and unlawfully and maliciously killing her by pleading guilty to the crime. She had broken into the house by removing a cinder block and a window-mounted air conditioner.

Similarly, Matthew Hester was also arrested on June 19, 2019, for conspiring to murder his ex-wife. He was pleased guilty in August 2021 and was sentenced to 53 months in prison. His earliest possible release will be in March 2023.

Why Did Angela McCraw-Hester Kill Annastasia Hester?

Angela McCraw-Hester had killed Annastasia Hester with the advice of her husband Matthew Hester.

Annastasia, often known as Ann, began to have problems in her life after marrying her then-husband, Matt. After she discovered him cheating, their marriage took off quickly.

Ann’s ex-new partner’s romance, on the other hand, leads to her death. She worked at a call center as a single mother to support her family while simultaneously dealing with child custody issues.

After Ann was brutally murdered, the police offered a search for her daughter Annie, who was with her father. The little girl went through depression as a kid and she now lives a private life. She is being raised by her maternal grandparents.

Meanwhile, Angela and Matthew were divorced inside the jail and are no longer in contact.  Angela’s children were taken to foster care.

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