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Cubs Pitching Coach Tommy Hottovy Gets Emotional As He Talks About Experience Of Having Had COVID-19

CHICAGO (CBS) — Cubs players were on the field at Wrigley Field for the first time in a long time Wednesday, upon reporting to their summer camp.

Among them was pitching coach Tommy Hottovy, who teared up when he announced he recently had COVID-19.

As CBS 2’s Matt Zahn reported, Hottovy was out on the field after what was a rough 30 days. He was quarantined in his home away from his wife and three kids, with sleepless nights, weight loss, and pneumonia.

The emotions of the experience came out at a news conference Wednesday.

“It’s still kind of raw in the fact that we just got through it. I went through some really, really weird stages through this whole process – like depression; thinking that, did I do something wrong? You know, because I have – how could I put my family, you know, in that kind of situation? But it obviously affects people differently, and if my story and my journey through this helps one person, you know, realizes how severe this can get, and if that saves one life, I want my story to be heard,” Hottovy said.

He continued: “I’m only two weekes from finally testing negative, and 30 days of quarantine from my family – and my wife, what she had to deal with for a month. I just don’t want to put anybody through that.”

Hottovy said he took all the safety precautions to avoid catching the coronavirus, but still got it. Thankfully, though, he said none of his family members have gotten sick.

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